TWITL – the rest of May and June’s beginning

So this post might be long. Or not. But it will entail weeks 20 through 23 so who knows. I thought about going in order but looks like it’s going to be random.

can you see the squirrel?


So, my last Listworthy was Simon Kassianides. Wow, all the way back in 2017. Okay. Anyhoo, I’ve been following him and his work since then, watching his roles, checking out his social media, highlighting him in mine. It seemed like he was okay with my fangirl attention. He even reposted one of my IG stories and called him his Number Two fan (after his mother, of course). I thought our fan to artist “relationship” was fine and I thought I has struck that balance of being respectful while adoring.

I have been light on the fangirl stuff in recent days. We can maybe even call it neglectful? Still, in these lighter fangirl days, I posted Simon on my IG story, whenever he appeared as one of my work wallpapers in the morning. I post “starting my workday with” most mornings and tag whichever fella might be appearing. (Or Sabina. She’s rotating through my wallpapers.) Sometimes Simon had even glanced at my posts, which always made me smile.

A week or so ago, I tried to tag Henry Cavill on my IG story and couldn’t. He’s set his IG to limit who can mention him. I shrugged, totally understanding. I don’t even want to imagine what kind of posts try to tag him. I’m sure it’s not too pretty. So when earlier this week, I tried to mention Simon and couldn’t, I was a little sad but I understood. Maybe he’d been getting tagged in weird stuff and he wanted a bit more peace of mind.

At first, I didn’t think it was just me.

this makes me sad
I get it, I do…

But lo, gentle reader, it is just me.

He RESTRICTED ME. I probably wouldn’t have noticed except for the part of me trying to tag him in my IG story. I can still see his posts and comment on them BUT others can’t see my comments (as of whenever he restricted me). How do I know he restricted me? Well, I went to my other IG account and tagged him in a story and it worked. I was able to tag him. Oh, and he looked.

yes, it's still one of my favorite shots

I know what we have here is a parasocial relationship. I’m a blip on his radar, inconsequential to his life, and I’m fine with that. No, really, I am. Come on, just because I’m spending all this time writing about this situation doesn’t mean I see this as other than what it is. I just like to write! As I said at the beginning of this bit, I thought our fan to artist “relationship” was fine and that I had struck that balance between respectful and adoring without being too annoying. (I am constantly worried about bugging my favorites.) So I am a little confused by being restricted at this point. I’ve been a fan of his for years. I could ask him, I suppose, but I’d rather wonder why than actually know why. If I’m meant to know, I will know.

But if we ever meet, I’ll definitely have some words for him. 😉


Luke Combs at Levi's Stadium

Luke Combs – Growin’ Up and Gettin’ Old – 05/18/2024 – Levi’s Stadium

Our first concert of 2024 was Luke Combs at Levi’s Stadium. What a great show! I actually bought the tickets for Jordan Davis, who was the main opener, along with Mitchell Tenpenny and a couple of other fellas. Everyone was fantastic and of course I was so happy to see Jordan playing to such a huge crowd. Luke puts on a wonderful show, full of energy and good vibes. Our seats gave us a cool view of the whole stadium. Being in that audience was one of those perfect moments that make you appreciate life and the power of music. Such good vibes.

A snippet of “Buy Dirt” – Jordan Davis


Before concert was my niece’s confirmation! We headed to St. Augustine Church in Pleasanton the morning of May 18th. The ceremony was lovely and it was nice sitting in the pew in such a pretty church. It was good to see my cousins and their families. We didn’t join them for lunch but we did take some time to chat before parting.

old school selfie from B's digicam
showing off my selfie skills with B’s digicam
happy smiles
the three of us
three cousins


Our long weekend was mostly lowkey. We did farmers market on Saturday and then Sunday was the Bags and Brews corn hole tournament. Downtown Brentwood can showcase fun times.

Saturday goodness
Saturday – mimosa and corn in a cup (well, to-go container)
us that Memorial Weekend Sunday
I know him over there!
I think he was practicing here…


the baptism party
brothers – Dad (L) and Uncle Carl (R)

Sometime between in the early hours of the Sunday of Memorial Weekend, my Uncle Carl passed from this world into the next. He was my father’s older brother, the second of Dad’s siblings to pass away. His wife, Auntie Annie, preceded him to the next eight years ago. Their legacy lives in their son, two daughters, and two granddaughters.

I am looking at the picture above of my dad and my uncle and there is no denying that they are brothers, eh? I never sat down and talked with my uncle. I don’t know his story, the memories of his childhood, the beginning of his family with Auntie Annie. Nana told us a story about how Uncle Carl and Auntie Annie met and I don’t remember all the details. I should have written it down somewhere at the time. Alas.

I will remember Uncle Carl always with Auntie Annie by his side. They were one of those couples that you thought of as a unit, as an entity together. When she died, he seemed to just go through the motions. I like to imagine them together now, sitting together, their love once again shining bright…

anniversary party
from their 50th wedding anniversary party, with their granddaughter

watching Warrior on the new tv
watching Warrior on the new tv

We’ve been watching a fair amount of golf recently and I noticed that our tv wasn’t showing the greens as green as I knew them to be. I commented on it but we shrugged it off. Then one day, we were at one of our locals and golf was playing on one of the tvs and the green was super green. After a few days of research and watching different videos, we had a new tv on our stand.

It’s bigger and makes me appreciate 4k even more than I did before. I’ve started buying disks again, always opting for 4k. Now we have this very cool tv that makes the 4k look SPLENDID. Now I want to watch all the movies we have as well as buy more 4k. The first season of The Sandman is sitting in my Amazon wishlist. Probably going to pull the trigger on that one sometime soon. 😉 Oh, and golf looks amazing on the new tv.

squirrel in motion
squirrel on the run

The 2023-24 school year has ended and we are now in summer break mode at work. We’re going through a couple of changes at the office — our superintendent is leaving us for a new district, our SARB coordinator is retiring. Our building is going to look a little different, whether they replace our SARB person or not. Is it weird that I’m looking forward to the changes? I think it’ll be interesting. Keep us on our toes!

The weather has warmed up to summer temperatures already. I keep saying it but I’ll say it again– I’m not ready for it. I like when we’re in the 70s or so. Why can’t 80s be our summer temps? Why must we go straight for the triple digits? This past week saw two days of triple digits. 😛

We have a concert every month through September. This month is Jordan Davis, which will likely be told in the next post. Until then, enjoy the sunshine!

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