neglectful fangirl

I finally moved my kiari.com domain to my other webhost.  But have I started rebuilding my sites?  NO.  Why?  I'm a lazy chick. williamgregorylee.comThe site for all things William Gregory Lee!  And yet I wasn't smart enough to back up the WordPress database.  But I still have the information saved.  I have to do a… Read More neglectful fangirl


domain woes

My first domain was kiari.com.  I still have it.  I will likely always have it.  As such, I’ve done my best to keep the domain in tip top shape by having it hosted at an affordable yet reliable webhost. Vizaweb is not that webhost. I started up with Vizaweb a few years ago and for… Read More domain woes


pondering randomly

I find myself rushing the minutes of the daily routine, always pushing for the weekend, as if time doesn’t flow the same when the daily routine is not followed.  Do you ever do that yourself? It’s already been a week since WonderCon and it feels as though the time there had stretched into a different… Read More pondering randomly