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My Listworthy 9 @simonkass @tylerrichmusic @jensenackles @willgreglee @philipwinchestr @edwardquinn

My Listworthy Nine = Jensen, Greg, Ed, Taylor, Philip, Sully, Sam, Tyler, Simon A little love letter to my Listworthy fellas… (And my 50,000th tweet!) Truly, my Listworthy posts are my love letters to you. But you knew that, right? And maybe it’s been years since I’ve written yours or perhaps just a few of… Read More My Listworthy 9 @simonkass @tylerrichmusic @jensenackles @willgreglee @philipwinchestr @edwardquinn

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Listworthy: Simon Kassianides (@simonkass / #SimonKassianides)

Name: Simon Kassianides DOB: 7 August 1979 Height: (taller than me!) Degree of separation: 2 (Tom Hardy=>Marina Sirtis=>me!) My list or yours: mine First sighting: probably Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. First meeting: Alas, has not yet happened Why oh why another Listworthy? You would think that having one “Beyond Listworthy” would mean he was the last.… Read More Listworthy: Simon Kassianides (@simonkass / #SimonKassianides)

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Beyond Listworthy: Tyler Rich (@tylerrichmusic / #TylerRich #MySpellbreaker)

photo by Matt Misisco name: Tyler Rich DOB: 24 February 19xx height: 6’ degree of separation: 0 my list or yours: mine First sighting: March 2015 or so First meeting: April 30, 2015 So, “beyond listworthy.” This is a new designation for me and I think one I’ll not likely use again. Yes, Tyler Rich… Read More Beyond Listworthy: Tyler Rich (@tylerrichmusic / #TylerRich #MySpellbreaker)