I almost called this post “A Note of Despair” because this election season has been a drain on my soul and I wasn’t even watching that closely. I went to bed last night in bitterness... Read More
through the smoky haze I see you watching my moves as if mesmerized EQ as Anthony in Blood Out Today kicked my ass. UGH! Too many things to do and not enough time to do it all. Alas! I’m so glad... Read More
Omigosh, I am SO SORRY if I totally messed up anyone’s timelines here at LJ. I was experimenting and it went awry and I finally fixed it. And I promise never to do that again. What the heck?! An... Read More
I know you’ll get yoursexactly what you deservefor this misery I love these slower days at work. The hours roll along the same way but with less craziness, especially across the street. Most won... Read More