glimmer of hope

I almost called this post “A Note of Despair” because this election season has been a drain on my soul and I wasn’t even watching that closely. I went to bed last night in bitterness and disappointment and fear. Yes, fear. I wondered about this country, my fellow citizens. How could they vote such a…

as if mesmerized

through the smoky haze I see you watching my moves as if mesmerized EQ as Anthony in Blood Out Today kicked my ass. UGH! Too many things to do and not enough time to do it all. Alas! I’m so glad tomorrow is Friday. Must get my stuff at work organized. Things are just getting…

slip into another world

why not close your eyesslip to another worldwhere you write the songs I’m still soooo embarrassed about last night’s horrible postings. It took me a couple of hours but I deleted everything from my domain and LJ. So freakin’ terrible. Why did I think of the infinite loop AFTER I posted? ::SMH:: walking to the…


Omigosh, I am SO SORRY if I totally messed up anyone’s timelines here at LJ. I was experimenting and it went awry and I finally fixed it. And I promise never to do that again. What the heck?! And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, even better! 😉

I know you’ll get yours

I know you’ll get yoursexactly what you deservefor this misery I love these slower days at work. The hours roll along the same way but with less craziness, especially across the street. Most wonderful. 🙂

burns so bright for me

make your confession admit the light in your heart burns so bright for me Twas back to work for me. The good thing is that we’re staring our half day Fridays this week. Yah! Joyous, just joyous. 🙂 THURSDAY – Dad’s 70th Birthday! Dad with my sister and my niece during dinner… My sister and…

like a drifting breeze

like a drifting breezewandering so aimlesslyleisurely swaying Twas a lazy day. My sister and her family made it safely back home to Georgia. I miss them all already! saying goodbye to Alcatraz yesterday

don’t try to blame me

don’t try to blame mewhen the fault belongs to youthough you will deny Another FANTASTIC DAY! We went to Alcatraz, walked along Fisherman’s Wharf, then had dinner at The Rainforest Cafe. Good times! More later, of course. For now, I must rest! on our way to San Francisco

nothing that you say

nothing that you sayever holds a grain of truthso to make me sway Another great day spent with family!

why did I let you

why did I let youbreak my heart into pieceswith such abandon Such a great day! Spent time with family and celebrated my Dad’s 70th birthday with dinner at Horatio’s. I’ll have more to tell later but for now, I must sleep!