you are insignificanta speck of dust paused in one momentthen fluttering awaywithout moving the world Definition of INTEGRITY 1 : firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values : inco... Read More
I want nothing morethan this momentetched into my memoryforever and perfectpure and unfetteredonly mine evermore It’s in the eyes Created with I love trying out different apps on my ... Read More
the beginning has endedthe middle stretchesthreatening foreverwhere nothing happensno goal in sighta holding patternwithout end My favorite article of the day: Barnidge: There’s a lesson student... Read More
maybe I’m dreamingsomething wonderful and sweetto keep me smiling Source: via Valerie on Pinterest FIERCE! Ohhhhhhhh! So in the middle of night, I woke up and checked the time on my phone... Read More
tell me againhow much you careyou care so muchit’s hard to beartell me againyou’re lost without mewithout me thereto set you freetell me againhow empty you feelyou feel so aloneit can̵... Read More
let me just stand stillfeel the bay’s breeze on my skinlike sweet memory I SERIOUSLY need to wear sunscreen when I know I’m going to be outside for a long amount of time. Even though I was... Read More
you say you’ll forgetyou’ll get over itthe temptation will fadeloosen its holdflutter away with the breezeyou say you’ll forgetyou’ll get over itthe heart’s skipped beatw... Read More