Princess Diana… 1961-1997

Princess Diana… 1961-1997

In memory of Diana, Princess of Wales

As her spirit rises
for a moment
she is pulled
by the grief of the world
surrounding her
touching her
with sorrow
for her tragedy
her loss
with memory
of her sweetness
and her irreplaceable presence

remember the others
she silently implores
I am but one to the masses who suffer
remember their passings, their tragedies too
(but will we?)

as the mourning hearts turn
to the thought of her two sons
her very being aches
more than the pain of death
she wants to rush to hold them
one more time
just one more time
her most beloved boys
one last look into their eyes
to tell them
they were her joy

she pours her soul
her unending love into their tears
but she feels the hollow in their hearts
she knows she cannot comfort them
wipe their sorrow with a gentle hand
give them strength
she can only pray
she can only hope
toward the brightest star in the heavens
as her spirit rises

Valerie Camcam Noble
1 September 1997