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disconnected - "woe is me" woman

I might not even post this because it might sound mean. So there you go, there’s your warning that it might sound mean.

This is going to sound weird but sometimes women annoy me. I espouse doing whatever you want on your social media. It’s all a play for attention, right?...Read More »

disconnected - A Good Boy's Body

the choices for male lead

It’s a stupid title, I know. A Good Boy’s Body is the working title of my National Novel Writing Month novel for November because on the advice of my friend, I randomly chose Chris Evans to be the male lead of my story, which meant writing A Good Boy’s Body....Read More »

Trying out something new

One of my friends has started blogging again and she’s able to hide her posts from the front page. I’m going to give that a try with a new plugin. Not sure how it will work but it’s always groovy to try something new…

What do I want to write when...Read More »