Pressgram WAS a fantastic photo app! Read my take on it here.

Though Pressgram is no more, I will continue to use the category and tag because I like the way it posts to my site and elsewhere. 😉

#SullivanStapleton in #Blindspot #PhilipWinchester in #ThePlayer

I haven’t looked forward to the fall TV season like this in a long time.  

#SullivanStapleton promoting #Blindspot


Looking great as always!

#SullivanStapleton as Damien Scott in #StrikeBack 

?he’s getting dressed, in case you’re wondering. ????

#SamHunt in his video "Take Your Time" @SamHuntMusic

?The video for “Take Your Time” is powerful and intense. So well done. Worth the watch. 

#SamHunt in his video "Leave the Night On" @SamHuntMusic

?He has a cute look to him and I can’t believe I’m doing screen caps of him now. 

The moment I admit I like #SamHunt for more than his music

?…is now

#PhilipWinchester as Michael Stonebridge on #StrikeBack 

?There’s just something about him…

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