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Kiari’s Corner started off as a bunch of fansites and has now turned into an archive of my online writings. For a long while I had my daily postings at Livejournal post here for posterity. I have now reversed the process. I post here and it goes to Livejournal. I love LJ and the friends I have, so I don’t think I’ll stop posting over there. Plus I have a permanent account, which pretty much rocks.

The main portion of Kiari’s Corner is therefore my blog, filled with (almost) daily posts of poetry and pictures and musings. I do write private postings but those cannot be read here and can only be accessed by my friends at my LJ. Certain fansites are still up though not as complete as they previously were. My Kevin Smith site stays as a tribute to the most wonderful and talented man I had the honor of meeting so long ago.

I like trying out all the internet has to offer, so you can also find bits of me at:

  • Twitter – short bursts of musings and nonsense
  • Flickr – photos and more photos and some videos
  • Moonlit Jazz – formerly photo of the day now just languishing…
  • Shady Satin – the LJ
  • Facebook – for keeping in touch with family and friends
  • Instagram – quick photos & vids
  • Google+ – alas, G+ is gone
  • Tumblr – for odds and ends and catching my Instagram photos
  • Pinterest – for images things I like found on the internet

kiari's corner

DISCLAIMER: This website features fansites that do not intend to infringe on any rights held by the actors/singers, their management, or associated parties. Personal photos are copyrighted to their respective owners. Screencaptures and sounds copyrighted to their respective productions. If you wish to use any materials contained here at kiari.com, please contact me at the appropriate email address.

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