I’ve written some fan fiction throughout the years, mostly Ares oriented. I’ve thought of more stories than I’ve written, unfortunately. 😉 Read up, let me know what you think.

HERCULES/XENA fanfiction:

“Kiari” belongs to me. She lives in the universe as presented on the tv shows Hercules the Legendary Journeys and Xena Warrior Princess and embellished at the SciFi Dominion message boards by many fans of the shows. Although some of the events incorporate other stories and characters by other authors, most of my stories stand alone. The Herc/Xena characters belong to their respective productions and mythologies, original characters belong to their authors, and the rest belong to me! 😉

Most stories center around Ares (as played by Kevin Smith) and Hades (as played by Erik Thomson).

The Life & Times of Vaskia-Kiari
Liaison to Hades
Adventure of a Priestess and a Thief
Gods at Play
Kiari’s Mission (archive link)
A Lesson in Love (archive link)

DARK ANGEL fanfiction

“Eleni” and her subsequent identities belong to me. She lives in the universe presented in the tv show DARK ANGEL.

One Night with Alec

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