The Life and Times of Vasia-Kiari

Kiari's Portrait

Name:  Kiari (only a select few call her Vasia or Vasia-Kiari)

Race:  Immortal (onetime goddess)

Trade:  Weaver/Warrior

Skills & Powers:
Able to step into dreams to bring guidance to the dreamer (inherent goddess power); able to mindspeak with a few of the gods/goddesess and very few mortals; handy with the sword and daggers...

Appearance:  5'4" / Long dark hair / Island tan / On the curvy side

Duties and Titles:

  • Temple of Ares - Liaison to Hades/Priestess Weaver/Temple Siren

  • Temple of Cupid - Keeper of Romance/Liaison to Hades

  • The Underworld - Gatekeeper to the Underworld/Guardian of Dreams/Counselor to the Souls/Hades' Liaison/High Priestess to Hades

Area from:
Born in a faraway land to a goddess named Speranza, Kiari grew up in the house of her father, Morpheus...

Summary of Background:
Kiari is a deposed goddess, banished by her father Morpheus after he learned of her affair with Hades.  (He was "saving" her for another god.  This was before Hades married Persephone.)  As a goddess, Kiari apprenticed with the Fates (hence her weaving skills) and also with Celesta, Hades' sister...  Now Kiari lives among mortals and resides in Ares' Temple as his priestess weaver.  She assists Cupid by answering petitions from the lovelorn.  She also repays her debt to Hades by overseeing the Underworld temple.

Personality Traits:
Mostly mild mannered and easily distracted by handsome men.  The years among mortals have taught her to be a good listener.  She likes being alone with her loom or in her cubby answering lovelorn scrolls.  She has a soft spot for romance and wonders at her choice in serving Ares.  She will always defend her fellow priestesses, even from each other...

Favorite Fellows:
Ares (her loyalties are to him first)...  Cupid (though he feels neglected of late)... Hades (who wouldn't mind having her all to himself)... Autolycus (a fellow to have adventures with)...  Joxer (she has a soft spot for him)...  Rafe (they have a pleasant past)...  Young Jason (when she was a goddess, she had a crush on him back in his youth)...

Her beloved is Brett, a warrior of Ares with the face of Hades.  The best of both worlds?

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