This will be the page where I talk about National Novel Writing Month. 🙂

TMITL - November 2023

NaNoWriMo 2023

For weeks 44 through 47, here we go!

NaNoWriMo 2023

The weekly blog posts are always paused in November because of National Novel Writing Month. As per usual, I wrote a romance novel. I find them easiest to write and I...Read More »

TWITL - week forty-two - those things unsaid


I think that long ago I used to write my entries with a bit more freedom and less self censorship. I suppose it’s because I don’t really know who might read my posts and I don’t want to offend anyone directly. Or maybe I know I should keep certain things...Read More »

TWITL - week forty-four - so begins #NaNoWriMo

Apple Watch 7

National Novel Writing Month 2021 has begun!

  • What am I writing?
    I am writing a romance novel I am currently calling “Almost Maybes” after the Jordan Davis song. I had thought I would tie the gist of the song to the story but so far, it’s not really come up for...Read More »

TWITL - week forty-three - lovely autumn days

look at those watches

It’s the last day of October aka Halloween Day. I chatted for a couple of hours with my CPN girls and then went off to get my hair cut. We headed out to Walnut Creek to check out the Apple Store. Always a treat to go there.

It’s Monday, November 30th and if I actually post this today, it’ll be a miracle! Yes, I wrote for National Novel Writing Month again and I wrote just a smidgen over 50k words, the last of them written yesterday, November 29th. I was below the pace for most of the...Read More »

TWITL - week forty-four - time change and #NaNoWriMo

Happy Halloween!

I should have started writing this yesterday or Friday because now it’s almost my bedtime and I’ve already written 3402 words for National Novel Writing Month so this might be short.

CPN Zoom chat – Halloween edition
  • Saturday night aka Halloween – Hair cut then the...Read More »

TWITL - week forty-three - almost cooler days

Friday face - Snapchat filtered

It’s Friday evening as I begin this post. Let’s see when I actually publish it. (I’ll have to remember to comment at the end…)

Friday face, filtered by Snapchat

Today it was cool enough for me to wear a long sleeved flannel. Fine, it was unbuttoned...Read More »

TWITL - week forty-two - utter randomness

randomly chosen

The Apple Event did its part and I now want the new iPhone NOW. I’m torn between the two sizes of the Pro Max. If I’m patient, I think I know which one I want. I hope to have a new phone in a month because I am so ready...Read More »

disconnected - A Good Boy's Body

the choices for male lead

It’s a stupid title, I know. A Good Boy’s Body is the working title of my National Novel Writing Month novel for November because on the advice of my friend, I randomly chose Chris Evans to be the male lead of my story, which meant writing A Good Boy’s Body....Read More »

TWITL - week forty-one - fall break


We usually have two weeks for Fall Break but with the world the way it is now, the breaks for fall and spring are just one week each this school year. It’s not so terrible, of course. Not everyone even gets a fall break. It sort of saves me some...Read More »

Trying out something new

One of my friends has started blogging again and she’s able to hide her posts from the front page. I’m going to give that a try with a new plugin. Not sure how it will work but it’s always groovy to try something new…

What do I want to write when...Read More »

TWITL - week forty - little delights

We had a heatwave this week. The weather does not care that it’s now October. Oh no, we had triple digit temperatures or very close to for a few days. I would really love cooler weather. You know, the kind of weather where sweaters and light jackets are necessary would...Read More »

TWITL - weeks 45, 46, 47, 48 aka TMITL November 2019

Welcome to December! National Novel Writing Month 2019 was a success for me. I hit the 50k word count on November 25 and finished the story the next day. It was a little strange to write a prequel but it does give me more background and direction to the main...Read More »

TWITL - weeks 45, 46, 47, 48 aka TMITL November 2018

National Novel Writing Month stats

National Novel Writing Month is over! I’d say sorry for not writing each week but I’m not sorry I kept focused on my novel, which hit the 50,000 word count on November 25, 2018. The novel ended with 53,319 words and will needs LOTS of editing. I think I lost...Read More »

TWITL - week forty-eight - looking back at #NaNoWriMo

National Novel Writing Month is over!

Falling Into Place is the longest novel I’ve ever written (not including the still unfinished three-parter story I started a couple of years ago) and therefore the longest novel ever for National Novel Writing Month. It’s a first person...Read More »

TWITL - week forty-seven - near the end of #NaNoWriMo

Sully on Thanksgiving Day

Sully on Thanksgiving Day

It was an awesome week off from work! I hit the 50,000 words on my story and am currently at about 63,000 words (and counting). We saw Justice League (thank you for the shirtless Jason Momoa...Read More »

TWITL - week forty-five - middle of #NaNoWriMo

Day 11 stats

I’ve slowed down a bit on the writing. I wanted to be further in my story by now. The word count is still ahead of pace and if I keep going, I should have the novel finished before the month’s end. It’s...Read More »

NaNoWriMo 2013

Yes, I’m doing it again! I’m full of possible stories but two are in the lead with one a heavy favorite…

THE GUARDSMEN OF VALA (sci-fi/fantasy)
The story about the Princess Mistress of Vala Realm and her guardsmen. Her realm is on shaky ground following the death of her mother, the...Read More »

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