Northern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire 2000

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Yes, another trip to the Renaissance Pleasure Faire, this time the "Northern" in Vacaville, CA, on a rather lovely Saturday...

Before the Faire pics..

valkimearly.jpg  Very early that morning...

Paula almost dressed... paulaready.jpg


two cousins!
My cousin and I somehow found each other
and we took a picture together...

Here's Lisa getting a henna tatoo.  Pretty spiffy,eh

Lisa shows off her henna next to Kimphy

Paula had fun shopping...

Paula, Valerie, & Kimphy


As we waited for the last joust of the day, we took some pictures to pass the time...

the four of us
The four of us

The ladies in garb...


Paula tests her mead holding technique...

Valerie & Kimphy
Valerie & Kimphy

Paula & Lisa  paulalisa.jpg
Paula & Lisa, two versions

One of those goofy pics of me...


First you get the rules in a fine Scottish burr..

Isn't the horse beautiful?


817p01.jpg  817p02.jpg
Then the knights salute the crowd...

Valerie & Justin

Since we were sitting in the "bad" guy's section, we got to cheer for our favorite, Sir Christian the Green Knight...

817p03.jpg  817p04.jpg

Later on, after the joust, we just all had to say hello to Justin.  He greeted Lisa with a hug and me with the same and kiss on the cheek!  Yowsa!  He's a sweetie to be sure and of course I had my picture taken with him.  He made me take my glasses off.  ("But I can't see!"  I said.  "Don't see," replied he.  "Just feel."  Yeah, his armor!  LOL!)

Justin & Paula

Lisa & Paula with a random fellow in armor
Paula and Lisa liked this fellow in the armor and managed to catch up with him for a photo...


Okay, if you haven't seen The 13th Warrior, then you won't understand the significance of "The Shirt."  This fine piece of material, now owned by Miss Lisa herself, was worn by Vladimir Kulich (Buliwyf) in the aformentioned film.  We all got to try it on.  Very neat shirt, very big!...

Paula posing Valerie looking leggy Kimphy got to wear it twice! Lisa in the shirt and showing off her henna...

kimshirt1.jpg Kimphy got to wear it twice... kimshirt2.jpg

The innocent pose... paulashirt1.jpg  paulashirt2.jpg  I bet Paula could sleep in this...

valshirt1.jpg  valshirt2.jpg
I'm not the big Vlad fan that everyone else was, but I didn't mind wearing the shirt...

And the ladies sans garb (and "The Shirt")...
last moments together

I must thank my very good company for the weekend.  It was most wonderful to meet Kimphy & Paula!  You two were a pleasure to hang out with.  And as always, it's great getting together with Lisa.  It's nice to know we have more in common than just "what's his name" as Rachel would call him.  <BEG>

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