Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire 2000

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I made the trip down to So Cal for the "Southern" to end my two week vacation.  Pictures from the Ren Faire were from the 3rd of June...

Lisa petting Justin's horse

Valerie & Justin

Okay, so this time around we missed the Joust.  Rats!  But we didn't miss seeing Justin.  He's one of our favorites and I always try to get my picture taken with him whenever possible.  Oh and this time I got two (one along with Lisa).

Two Furies and a Knight

654p12.jpg  654p13.jpg There's Shelby in a dress and wig during a non-Sound and Fury show.  Doesn't he just look sweet?    LOL!


Did I mention that this was my first time in garb?  Indeed it was!  Very many thanks to Lisa for making my dress and for lacing me up!

I had a fabulous time hanging out with my friends, watching Sound and Fury, and taking in the sights and sounds of the Ren Faire.  Lucky for us the weather was bearable!  :)


Sound & Fury


You cannot leave the Ren Faire until you have seen Sound and Fury.  These guys are GREAT!

We caught Sound and Fury for Romeo and Juliet as well as Testaclese.  The pic above was from Testacles.  Afterwards we all got a picture with Shelby (right)...


And Rachel poses at the Wolf Bane Lane.  We had watch The 10th Kingdom that weekend and seeing "Wolf" reminded us of that...

Very many thanks to Rachel for letting me stay with her here...



And for driving me down Sunset Blvd for pictures of The Cat Club (where Ryan Gosling had a couple of gigs that I unfortunately had to miss <sigh>)...


This was definitely a cool way to end my two week vacation.  I got to hang out with my friends and wander the Ren Faire in garb.  As always, thank you to Paula for your hospitality and to Rachel for the same.  And again, very many thanks to Lisa for making me the dress.  You are all wonderful friends!

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