Wandering the Faire

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I guess I just didn't know where to put these pictures.  <G>  I believe, save the pictures with Sir Christian, all were taken on Sunday, the 5th of September.

There's a fellow who looks like Nick Lachey.  Can you figure out which?

I must be honest, I can't remember what show these pictures came from!  I think we were waiting for the show after and caught this one too. I seem to remembering enjoying it.

They played really well!

Vixen & TheRose... Sura was supposed to be in this pic as well...

Vixen & TheRose in a picture that Sura should have been in.

I was distracted because Shelby of Sound and Fury came up beside me as I was taking the picture.  Yeah, that's it.  I got him though.  I turned and asked him to take a picture of the four of us.  He gladly took my camera, then told us to get on our knees.  We did and just before he snapped the picture, he said,

I dub this "Four Furies & a man they know not"

"Ah, now I have you right where I want you."

(Just don't ask me who the fellow behind us is...)

TheRose & "Romeo"

I guess we were paying the most attention to the aforementioned Shelby, 'cause Richard came by and commented about something. TheRose, not wanting him to feel left out, asked to take a picture with him. Of course, as we are OTs, I had to do the same.  Hey, we should have both gotten one with him!  ( I think of this after the fact.)  Anyhoo, isn't Richard the poser?

"Romeo" & Kiari

Kiari kissed by Sir Christian the Green Knight

Sir Christian the Green Knight is the bad guy during the Joust, but he's quite popular with the crowd, especially the ladies.  I will certainly never pass up a chance to take a picture with this handsome knight and neither will Vixen.

Sir Christian & Vixen

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