do you think it’s easy

do you think it’s easy pining this away locking away my heart pretending I’m okay whenever I hear your name do you think it’s easy hating you loving you harboring this longing from prying eyes do you think it’s easy knowing this truth believing your lies taking me breaking me do you think it’s easy… Read More do you think it’s easy

fellas, poetry

this heart beats softly

this heart beats softly anticipation beneath waiting for the spark from Strike Back, of course I’m watching 300 Rise of an Empire because that’s what I do on the weekends. 😉 Sometimes it’s just noise in the background. Sometimes I sit and actually pay attention. Sometimes I stop at certain moments just to take a… Read More this heart beats softly


pure satisfaction

pleasure hones the senses infusing delight with love’s taste imbued with pure satisfaction first season Stonebridge The stress is seriously getting to me. How long can I last in this weird limbo? It’s quite maddening. Henry, doused What helps, of course, is the video of Henry and Amy taking the ice bucket challenge. Look at… Read More pure satisfaction