nothing breaks without bending first inch by inch breath by breath nothing shatters without cracking first inch by inch snap by snap nothing falls without stumbling first inch by inch rush by rush ben... Read More
whatever these dreams conjure deep in the dark night fades in the daylight Philip Winchester as Peter Stone on Chicago PD Soooo, Philip Winchester will next be on a new show called Chicago Justice. Th... Read More
Today is my grandfather’s death anniversary. He died twenty six years ago. Our family got together at the cemetery for a little prayer and to catch up a bit. It was nice to see everyone. It was ... Read More
the touch of your lips the brush of a hint of a promise the smile in your eyes the spark of a light of forever the whisper in my ear the warmth of thrill of that fire the edge of this moment the choic... Read More
let me just sit still remembering quiet times just being with you flowers from Tanya My first day home alone without Holli. I’m in the computer room where she didn’t spend a lot of time an... Read More