Pasadena Xena Convention 2001

photos by VC "Kiari" Noble

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Greg & Valerie

Greg's tattoo 

William Gregory Lee

Have I mentioned how much I ADORE Greg?  Well, I do!  How could I not?  He's been very sweet to me and I'm not one to resist a sweet and handsome guy...

In the pics with Lisa, he's trying for the serious look.  He busted up laughing the first try and *almost* gets it in the second try...

onstage with Adrienne Wilkinson

another pic with Greg


he couldn't keep the serious face the -serious- look on Greg


Timothy Omundson  

What cool guy!  I loved listening to him on stage.  He has a way of telling stories.  And he's cute!

He's pictured alone and with Michel...

Tim, the cool guy Tim & Michel


Karl and a young fan

the men of the Privateers

The Privateers

Scott and Valerie

I very much enjoyed meeting the Privateers folks.  I must say, I really liked Scott Levy.  He was sweet!  (And you know how I like the sweet, handsome guys.)  It was great meeting Deborah after being on the Privateers mailing list for so long.  I can't wait for the show to get on air!

Karl & Valerie

cast and crew of the Privateers


with Alice

Fellow Fans

Of course, meeting up with fellow fans is always a plus at conventions.  Alice, on the left, is part of the WGL mailing list.  We actually live in the same city, but Pasadena was the first time we met face to face.  And Michel, on the right, is a fellow Young Hercules fan.  Her special guy is Ryan Gosling.

with Michel


pictures © 2001 VC "Kiari" Noble

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