even without an endgame

just take a breath
admit you can’t wait
maybe I’ll say yes
insist on it now
even without an endgame

Sullivan Stapleton in Strike Back
Mmmm, Sully

I don’t know if I’m ahead on my poems but I figure I’m writing so might as well include a poem. If I’m ahead now, I’m ahead.

I’d like to rub his head just once

My A’s are in the post-season!!! GLORIOUS!!! I know I talk a lot of rugby but baseball still has my heart. Truly. :)

Jamie Dornan in The Fall

Is it weird or disturbing that I’m doing screencaps of Jamie Dornan in The Fall? His character is SO freaky and yet so fascinating at the same time. I cannot wait to watch the second series, whenever it comes out our way. Or even before? ;)

I watched The Script’s performance at the iTunes Festival. I love them but after watching their live performance, I freakin’ LOVE them. They are awesome. They sound just as good (if not better) live as they do on record. Truly.

as the stars shine bright

poem #1
I will give you this
a whisper of a promise
lasting forever

poem #2
the darkness rises
as the light of day does fall
bringing forth sweet dreams

poem #3
I will surrender
if you promise me the world
along with your heart

poem #4
the stars shine above
watching us with half a smile
will we ever learn

poem #5
stop right here and wait
take a breath and close your eyes
forget why you cried

poem #6
as the blaze rises
heat burning through the layers
ashes in the wake

poem #7
fall fast asleep now
sway yourself to dreams so sweet
as the stars shine bright

Henry Cavill in the Dunhill ad

I haven’t gotten into the groove of writing a poem every day again, hence the rush of haikus. Oh well! I’ll get back to the longer form ones soon enough…

Are you on ello? I am here ello.co/kiari if you want to check me out.

Time for bed. I’m sleepy!

to overwhelm me

poem #1:
will you dream of me
sweep away these dull doldrums
dimming such long days

poem #2:
the heat of your smile
ignites the spark within
the flames flicker hot

poem #3:
this broken heart weeps
the tears fall so silently
as the world’s light dims

poem #4:
let us take this breath
this sweet sigh of perfection
so filled with love’s light

poem #5:
leave this all unsaid
take one last look then walk out
with all the regret

poem #6:
was it so easy
smiling and laughing with me
then letting me go

poem #7:
you can make me want
the darkness in my desires
to overwhelm me

poem #8
just take a breath
admit you have it bad
my name on your lips
inside the heart of you
ever burning bright

Jamie Dornan in the teaser trailer for series 2 of The Fall

another time

another time you
can catch me
keep a piece
leave the rest
eventually we’ll meet again
someday with laughter

Dean as a demon

I couldn’t resist the quick screencaps of the trailer for the new season of Supernatural. Dean as a demon just makes me laugh a little. :)

one breath in this

this is now
one breath in this
moment to feel

it’s seriously the eyes

I should rest or pack, right?


quietly pondering

quietly pondering
unsung sacrifice
in gratitude remember
never forget
never stop moving forward

Sullivan Stapleton in Strike Back

How can anyone forget the significance of 9/11 whether you’re from New York or California? I just read someone on twitter who said that California folks have largely forgotten (he’s a New Yorker). It made me sad and angry at the same time. I guess because I’m not a NYer, I don’t feel that bone deep sadness and despair and fear and helplessness wrought by that day? Okay then, if it makes you feel better.

I do remember.

But I also choose to remember this day as my friends’ birthdays (Shane and Sean), Harry Connick Jr.’s birthday, and the wedding anniversary of my friends (Cassady and Phil). I choose to spend a quiet moment to remember the fallen but I also choose to celebrate the light and love of this day. I refuse to let the darkness hijack that joy. This is my way of honoring the sacrifice. I live and I rejoice and look for beauty even on this day because it is out there. And this is what I choose to remember…

Jamie Dornan knows how to look creepy

nevermore in my heart

stay here with me
until it’s time to go
linger just a bit
longer in this place
if you must go
vanish without
a trace
nevermore in my heart

Sullivan Stapleton in Strike Back

I was weary and sore all day but I didn’t mind. I was almost glad I was at work because I just don’t look forward to all the packing and such that still needs to be done. Like shouldn’t I be doing that right now? Instead, I’m sitting here thinking of going to sleep soon…

And when is the weather going to finally cool down a bit? Killin’ me!

a moment of need can heal

don’t walk away
over this
reach out
never forget
a moment of
need can heal

Jamie Dornan in The Fall
Dornan in The Fall

Took the day off from work today so that we could clean the new place and move stuff into storage. We still have more work to do. I’m SO TIRED and we even took a nap after lunch before moving more stuff to the storage. It’s almost nice to be tired in the body because the mind is occupied by that instead of other things. Everytime I get up I feel the soreness but I don’t mind. It makes me feel oddly more alive…