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TWITL – week forty-one – end of the break

if I could stay here with you watch the stars shine in our view whisper dreams into the night drift to sleep holding you tight I’d count my blessings one and true grateful to savor this time with you Sully… Continue Reading →

TWITL – week forty – fall break

the whisper of the chill fleeting for the moment the longing for the cold seemingly so out of reach the silent plea for rest willing to touch the darkness can’t we fall just a little bit linger somewhere in between… Continue Reading →

TWITL – week thirty-nine

the something sweet of your lips temptation or promise either way points to bliss the something warm of your embrace forever or just for now either way makes my heart race the something soft in your whisper the simple truth… Continue Reading →

Ohhhh, time for the #WickedLittleWords reveal… @BTUArmy @StevieJCole

The chilling cover to Wicked Little Words is FINALLY here! Release Day: October 31st Cover Model: Alfie Gordillo Cover Design: Cover Me Darling Genre: Erotic Thriller Sign up to get an alert when preorder links are available! Synopsis: Edwin… Continue Reading →

TWITL – week thirty-eight

wearing that guitar pick WRITING “The Arrangement” – I’m near the end of the story and for some reason I’m slowing down on it. Is it because I don’t want it to end? Maybe so. Not sure if I kept… Continue Reading →

TWITL – week thirty-seven

his dreams are filled with the sweet laughter in her eyes beckoning to him We saw Tyler again last night. Such a LONG day but it ended on a good time. 🙂 Always love seeing him and just listening to… Continue Reading →

TWITL – week thirty-six

maybe it’s our time maybe it’s really just love binding you to me I had things in my head to write but it’s Sunday night and all of it has just flown from my head. So a little poem and… Continue Reading →

TWITL – week thirty-five

it’s almost time to say the words to give this heart its proper due it’s almost time to take your hand to whisper love you know is true it’s almost time to hold you close to face the world on… Continue Reading →

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