a little broken inside

maybe I am just
a little broken inside
waiting here for you

The Strike Back boys – Sullivan Stapleton & Philip Winchester

I started watching Jekyll this weekend on Netflix. I’m on episode 5 but I’ve had to stop watching. I guess I’ll finish it next weekend? (It’s six eps but in case the hubby wants to watch it, I don’t want to finish watching it if he hasn’t see the previous eps.)

Oh Henry Cavill, why must you look so awesome in all the fan pics that get posted?! It’s just not right. And why can’t I run into you and take a picture with you?

And Taylor Kitsch, it’s nice seeing you out and about as well. Now when’s your gig?!

Michael J. Bassett posted a pic from the Strike Back set. Bummer neither of the boys was in it. But can’t complain, it’s nice to see something from set.

I’ve already gussied up my Man Crush Monday pic for tomorrow. It’s still two fellas. I don’t think I’ll ever just feature just one fella for MCM. ;)

love these guys!!!

Yesterday I was at Creation’s site reading about the next Xena convention. It’s being touted as the THE Official XENA Convention: The 20th Anniversary Celebration THE ABSOLUTE FINAL OFFICIAL XENA CONVENTION. There was a tiny part of me that wanted to go, to be part of the whole Xena fandom once more. But I won’t go. At this point it would take ALL my fellas attending for me to even seriously consider it. As it is, NONE of my fellas are currently on the guest list. No Erik Thomson (not that he’s ever attended), Greg Lee, Karl Urban, Charles Mesure, etc. As much as I adore the ladies who are invited, they’re not enough for me to fork over money. I gave enough in the heady days of convention going. Now it’s time to let go. Right?

sweeten up that smile

poem #1
maybe you will stay
realize this could be yours
if you say the words

poem #2
when you look beyond this moment
if perhaps you stop
near the place we once met
chance will show you a memory
hidden in the cool shadows
every breath a reminder
sweet without
the fallen tears of yesterday
ever warm and bright
regret the eventual end

poem #3
too much left unsaid
the secret awaits release
simmering beneath

poem #4
sweeten up that smile
laugh loud from deep in your heart
make this moment count

poem #5
play along with me
hold my hand
in yours
leave no doubt
it’s real
play along with me

poem #6
the shadows beckon
ready to lock these secrets
better left unsaid

Angelique Cabral & Ed Quinn on Bad Judge

We watched Bad Judge from the beginning (yah for Hulu!) so that we could get to Ed Quinn’s episode (which aired this week). It’s awesome to see Ed in something new. And still ever so very dashing. ;) The awesome Ed Quinn aside, the show is rather funny. Kate Walsh’s character is pretty cool. LOL

We watched Metro Manila last night. SAD SAD SAD movie. I wanted to turn it off at least twice while watching but we powered through to the end, which was SAD SAD SAD. I don’t often watch movies set in the Philippines but it seems like when I do see the Philippines in movies, it’s either rice farms or the dirty and gritty city. I did like trying not to read the subtitles but I also liked reading the translations because they were just not right sometimes. Oh, the gist of the meaning was there but the actual translations were a bit adjusted. Of course, my understanding of Tagalog isn’t as deep as it should be. There are plenty of words I do not understand in Tagalog. LOL But it’s the only other language where I don’t translate into English in my head, like I do with Spanish or Italian or French. (What little I know of those languages.)

Right now I’m watching the Jennifer Ehle/Colin Firth version of Pride and Prejudice. It’s not HD (why Amazon Prime, why?!) but it reminds me of when I watched it first VHS (yes, VHS), then DVD, and somewhere I have the blu-ray.

National Novel Writing Month is just around the corner and I’ve already got the story in my head. Truth be told, I’ve started writing scenes to get to know my characters but I’m writing so much that it’s going to end up being cheating when I actually get to start the story. Will I be able to get to 50,000 during November without using the words I’ve already written? I hope so!

one more of Ed, just because…

promising and new

sometimes it’s just right
taking that chance
approaching the light
promising and new
lifted by the unknown
entranced by possibilities
this could be
one more piece
next for the puzzle

Stonebridge a little heartbroken? – Philip Winchester in Strike Back

The Pressgram app is starting to not work correctly. I think I’ve been lucky to make it work past October 1st but now it looks like it’s starting to wind down to its end. The app still works for the most part but it’s not remembering the account information for the different connections. ::sigh:: I was really using it lately because of all the Strike Back pics I didn’t want to necessarily post to Instagram or just exclusively on Twitter. Alas.

I need to get myself on a more productive weekend schedule. Being lazy is nice but it doesn’t get the house unpacked. Bah!

do you dream of me


I should probably post the poems behind a cut but I won’t. So here you go, a bunch of poems unrelated to one another. ;)

poem #1
please just promise me
only the truth from your lips
without deception

poem #2
when you smile at me
the world brightens with laughter
shining with such life

poem #3
do you dream of me
so warm and sweet beside you
keeping your secrets

poem #4
when you close your eyes
do regrets fill the silence
breaking you inside

poem #5
let me sleep beneath
the shadows cool and silver
from the moon above

poem #6
how easy to laugh
with words simple and teasing
aiming with pleasure

poem #7
stay here with me
until the rush subsides
linger by my side
laugh along with me
if you must go
very soon
admit you will
never let me go

poem #8
play along with me
hold my hand
if only in this dream
leave with a promise
in your heart
longing that we share

Philip Winchester & Sullivan Stapleton – Strike Back

It was a relatively decent week highlighted by the fact that 1) I had a short work week (Monday off and Friday half day) and 2) school was in the second week of Fall Break. So the office was quiet. :)

will you promise me

poem #1
he thinks he knows why
she turns away in silence
not seeing defeat

poem #2
my heart is breaking
little pieces of despair
choking on my tears

poem #3
you are bound to me
the rush and the heat of you
the longing you hide

poem #4
he can’t close his eyes
he will see her shining smile
laughing just for him

poem #5
spinning much too fast
the world blurring its edges
heading for the break

poem #6
will you promise me
to live, laugh, and love each day
with an open heart

poem #7
now I think I know
why love so overwhelmed me
the first time we touched

Sullivan Stapleton in Strike Back

I don’t know why I haven’t been able to get back to posting daily. What’s wrong with me? Alas.

It’s October, which I like to think of as prep for National Novel Writing Month month. LOL I thought I had two stories up for November but then this other story just presented itself. I’m going to do it even though it’s a little off my usual stuff these days. Still romance, OF COURSE, but with other stuff going on. We’ll see how it goes. I want to add some sexy bits to the story but then I’ll have to gloss over the stuff that probably really matters. If that makes sense. Which it likely does not. LOL

even without an endgame

just take a breath
admit you can’t wait
maybe I’ll say yes
insist on it now
even without an endgame

Sullivan Stapleton in Strike Back
Mmmm, Sully

I don’t know if I’m ahead on my poems but I figure I’m writing so might as well include a poem. If I’m ahead now, I’m ahead.

I’d like to rub his head just once

My A’s are in the post-season!!! GLORIOUS!!! I know I talk a lot of rugby but baseball still has my heart. Truly. :)

Jamie Dornan in The Fall

Is it weird or disturbing that I’m doing screencaps of Jamie Dornan in The Fall? His character is SO freaky and yet so fascinating at the same time. I cannot wait to watch the second series, whenever it comes out our way. Or even before? ;)

I watched The Script’s performance at the iTunes Festival. I love them but after watching their live performance, I freakin’ LOVE them. They are awesome. They sound just as good (if not better) live as they do on record. Truly.

as the stars shine bright

poem #1
I will give you this
a whisper of a promise
lasting forever

poem #2
the darkness rises
as the light of day does fall
bringing forth sweet dreams

poem #3
I will surrender
if you promise me the world
along with your heart

poem #4
the stars shine above
watching us with half a smile
will we ever learn

poem #5
stop right here and wait
take a breath and close your eyes
forget why you cried

poem #6
as the blaze rises
heat burning through the layers
ashes in the wake

poem #7
fall fast asleep now
sway yourself to dreams so sweet
as the stars shine bright

Henry Cavill in the Dunhill ad

I haven’t gotten into the groove of writing a poem every day again, hence the rush of haikus. Oh well! I’ll get back to the longer form ones soon enough…

Are you on ello? I am here ello.co/kiari if you want to check me out.

Time for bed. I’m sleepy!

to overwhelm me

poem #1:
will you dream of me
sweep away these dull doldrums
dimming such long days

poem #2:
the heat of your smile
ignites the spark within
the flames flicker hot

poem #3:
this broken heart weeps
the tears fall so silently
as the world’s light dims

poem #4:
let us take this breath
this sweet sigh of perfection
so filled with love’s light

poem #5:
leave this all unsaid
take one last look then walk out
with all the regret

poem #6:
was it so easy
smiling and laughing with me
then letting me go

poem #7:
you can make me want
the darkness in my desires
to overwhelm me

poem #8
just take a breath
admit you have it bad
my name on your lips
inside the heart of you
ever burning bright

Jamie Dornan in the teaser trailer for series 2 of The Fall