Beyond Listworthy: Tyler Rich (@tylerrichmusic / #TylerRich #MySpellbreaker)

Tyler Rich photo by Matt Misisco
photo by Matt Misisco

name: Tyler Rich
DOB: 24 February 19xx
height: 6’
degree of separation: 0
my list or yours: mine
First sighting: March 2015 or so
First meeting: April 30, 2015

So, “beyond listworthy.” This is a new designation for me and I think one I’ll not likely use again. Yes, Tyler Rich is that special to me.

Tyler is a singer/songwriter from the Sacramento area of Northern California. He grew up in Yuba City, went to college in Sacramento, lived awhile in Southern California and recently moved to Nashville. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him a few times and he’s always sweet and gracious and approachable. He’s also a very talented musician with great social media savvy.


My country music loving reawakening this year began with Sam Hunt. He was pretty relentless with me and his music was all I listened to for a couple of months. I’d post screenshots of him and tweet about him and suddenly I’d have different up and coming artists favoriting and liking my posts. Tyler was one of those artists. I was curious enough to check out his profiles and then listen to his music (one song, “Radio”) and I was intrigued.

Online, Tyler is pretty cool. He responds on Twitter, he favorites Instagram posts, and his Snapchat stories are hilarious to watch. He keeps his fans updated on all those fronts as well as on Facebook. I’m easy so I have delighted with every favorite or like and definitely swooned a bit at actual responses. Even now, I still giggle a bit when I get a response of any kind from him.

The day after Sam Hunt didn’t win the Academy of Country Music Award for New Artist of the Year (but Cole Swindell did), we were sitting in the bar thinking about when to watch the new Avengers movie at the end of the month. In a bit of an offhand manner, I suggested going up to Sacramento and seeing Tyler Rich, as he was going to open for Cole Swindell. Hubby said why not and so I bought the tickets on my phone while sitting at the bar (hot damn for technology!).

the first time we met

Meeting and taking a picture with Tyler that first time was great! But watching him on stage with just him and his guitar, I fell pretty hard. So he wasn’t just a nice smile and a friendly person, he was actually a pretty awesome performer. I LOVED the songs he did that night, especially his originals. This was the first time I was close to the stage (not front row but close enough) and it spoiled me in so many ways. Instead of trying to capture the moment with endless photos or videos, I merely took a few shots and a few videos. I spent most of the time being a rapt audience member.


I think I thought I would be cool just seeing him once but when I found out he was going to be at the Sacramento Music Festival, I talked enough about it for the hubby to get the day off so we could go. A few days before the festival, I tweeted at Tyler and said something about hoping to get a hug from him and he replied that there was plenty of hugging space. Giddy fangirl me was quite giddy and on impulse, I took pen to paper and wrote Tyler a letter. I took a picture of it and posted it to Instagram, fuzzy for artistic purposes (and privacy!). When I gave him the letter, he looked pleased as punch and even commented that he tried to read it online. Awww, how sweet!

the second time we met

But seeing him the third time (and I promise, I’m not going to recount every time I’ve seen him) tipped me over in the adoring of him. When he arrived, he came over to say hi to people and we were part of the ones he greeted! I was too happy about that. The show just seemed to be bonus after that. It was a great show and he drank through a lot of it. The awesome thing was that he sounded just as good at the end as he did in the beginning. And our photo op at the end of that night was just peaches and one of my favorite moments (in spite of his drink trickling a bit down my arm).

I didn’t mind the trickle the third time we met

I have more personal reasons for adoring Tyler but why should you, dear reader, fall for this talented, easy on the eyes and ears singer/songwriter?

Let’s run through my self-made criteria!


TALENT Yes, Tyler Rich is TALENTED. His songs are part of my daily life and I want MORE. “Radio” was the first song I heard of his and when I heard him sing it live, it was even better. Seeing him perform live was great and a total eye opener on how awesome he is as a performer and artist. He has a strong voice, great skills on the guitar, and just the right amount of dreamy and sass and substance on the stage. Sometimes it hits me that it’s just him and the guitar making all that music and I’m amazed all over again. I’m not sure how I’ll be when I actually see him perform with a band behind him. And lest you think he only sings country music, check out a couple of videos of him online where he is most definitely NOT singing country.


A college graduate! See kids, you can follow your dreams and go to college. Do it.

Tyler has ALWAYS been lovely with me in real life and online. He treats his fans with genuine love and affection and let me tell you, it goes a long way. He takes the time to talk with everyone and gives all his attention in those moments. And he REMEMBERS people! He’s a dog lover (his husky Abby makes appearances on his Snapchat whenever he’s home). Tyler is a total sweetheart in so many ways. And he’s respectful, which is awesome.

Must love a fella for loving my favorite football team (SF 49ers) and hence I give him a pass for liking the SF Giants for baseball. At least he keeps the love in the Bay Area! He gets points too for liking the Notre Dame Irish.

photo by Matt Misisco

LOOKS Tyler is a handsome man. No denying it. Great teeth for that awesome smile. Nice eyes. And the tattoos are a bit my weakness. I would seriously love to take my time (or his?) and look at all of them. Hey, I could totally use them for one of my stories! All in all, a most pleasing package and you cannot blame the ladies for SEEING him first before hunkering down and actually listening to him. And here’s a story I always like to tell… Tyler is so easy on the eyes that my sister, who lives in Georgia, CALLED ME to tell me that he’s a hottie after seeing my first picture with him. She didn’t email or text, she CALLED. And it wasn’t even the weekend. She was that impressed by just the looks of him. Alas, she’s not a country music fan but she has listened to his non-country stuff, I think. She believes he will be a star.


Maybe I particularly adore Tyler because he remembers me. Maybe it’s because when I (gently) encouraged him to follow me on twitter, he did. Maybe it’s the fact that he named his EP Valerie (and even though I correctly deduced why he did that, it was still delightful when people thought he named it after me). Or maybe it’s really just the fact that I love listening to him, whether live or not but most especially live.

check out his EP VALERIE

I know I’m not the only one who finds Tyler adorable and talented but I want more people to discover him. Nothing pleases me more than having someone tell him that they know about him or like him because I’d mentioned him. Spreading the love for Tyler is ever my goal because he is awesome and everyone should know it! So go out there, listen to his music and spread the word. Give him a follow and share in his adventures. And when he’s close enough to see live, GO SEE HIM. Promise, you’ll not regret it!

And Tyler, if you actually read this, what can I say that I haven’t already said and continue to say? You already know I adore you. I hope you don’t think I just like you because you’re a cutie pie (which yes, you are). I love your music and listen every single day. I love that your EP is called Valerie because then our pics together are the living hashtag. I love that you remember me when you see me. And I love that you’re so wonderful to everyone. I’m pretty much in this for the long haul and I hope you are too because you and your music need to be out there!


Find Tyler online:
Twitter – @tylerrichmusic
Instagram – @tylerrich
Snapchat – tylerrichmusic

[photos credited where applicable… other photos are screencaptures from Snapchat and YouTube… photos with me in them belong to me…]

this @TylerRichMusic thing

Sometimes I miss blogging everyday the way I used to do. Most days it was just whatever stuff, right? But looking back, it’s interesting to see patterns emerge even if when I was writing, I didn’t realize those patterns.

Tyler with Ryan Robinette behind him…

So I haven’t been able to read how my regard for Tyler Rich has grown these past few months. I’ve not written about seeing him since the second time I saw him even though the third time I saw him was pretty awesome and deserves its own post. I haven’t written about how GIDDY I was when he revealed the title of his EP (VALERIE). And I haven’t written about how much I love his songs and his EP.

Maybe the post after this (which will be linked with my 40,000th tweet) will come as a surprise to any regular readers I have out there. Or maybe not. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, it’s pretty evident that Tyler has permanent residence in my fangirl life. But maybe you don’t know WHY he does. So the post after this will sort of explain all of that.

Look for it to post sometime today!

And Tyler, LOVE YA!

concert: #SoundsOfSummer

the Shoreline Amphitheatre

What, a second country music concert in one year?! (Not including the Tyler Rich shows I’ve attended since April, those deserve their own posts.) We got tickets to this Dierks Bentley headliner a week before the concert for a decent price. I took off early from work on Friday afternoon then off we went to Mountain View.

We got there in plenty of time and ended up in line waiting to get in. It really didn’t matter since we actually had seats but I didn’t mind standing in the line and checking out the other concert goers. I was wearing my Tyler Rich cap (as one does) and the lady behind me actually commented on it. It turned out that her friend is the mother of the #girlwiththepurpleguitar (check her out on Instagram!) so they know Tyler. I thought, small world to run into someone who knows who Tyler Rich is but pretty cool too. I wonder if I was the only one wearing a Tyler Rich cap in the whole place. Probably?

livin’ the hashtag #TylerRichValerie

The concert was pretty amazing! I enjoyed all the acts, of course. Canaan Smith was first up and he was great. I only knew maybe two of his songs? But it didn’t matter, I loved his set. Maddie and Tae were next and they were pretty awesome. Love their song “Girl in a Country Song” and they rocked it. Their set was as short as Canaan’s but they made good use of it.

Kip Moore. WOW! His CD, WILD ONES, came out that day and they were selling it at the venue. During his set (which was longer than the other opening acts), he said that he would autograph every single one of the CDs purchased that night after Dierks was finished. I hadn’t thought about getting the CD but with that incentive, it was an easy decision later. Kip was GREAT on stage. So much energy and such a crowd pleaser. He’s country with a healthy dose of rock and it works so well for him. I loved him on stage.

Dierks Bentley. I didn’t really know what to expect. We have seen him over the years, from opening for George Strait to now filling amphitheatres. The ones who’ve seen this tour have all raved about it but I wondered if they just had more enthusiasm than me. I shouldn’t have questioned it because I was on my feet for all of Dierks’ set, even dancing and not caring at all. He was truly amazing and at one point, he talked about how grateful he was and how he remembered playing at the Saddle Rack then Slim’s and now he was there with an amphitheatre full of fans. I could feel his gratitude from my seat and it felt so genuine and I think I almost cried. He sounded great and his energy was off the hook. I loved it!


When the show was over, we hung out at our seats for awhile then we went out to buy the CD. The line for Kip didn’t seem too long but it grew as much as it moved along. My turn came faster than I thought it would and suddenly I was standing right in front of him and he signed my CD insert. He looked me in the eye and asked if I had a good time and of course I said yes. Then it was over!

I loved the concert, I had a great time, and I’ve been sore and tired from all the standing all weekend. So it was totally worthwhile! <3

Seeing Tyler Rich again – Sacramento Music Festival (@TylerRichMusic / #TylerRich)

with Tyler Rich

24 May 2015
When I found out that Tyler Rich was going to be at the Sacramento Music Festival, I thought, “Now that would be a fun venue to attend.” It had been awhile since we’ve gone to such an event and it would be fun to be out in the sunshine with good music and yummy food. Everything fell into place and we made our plans to go to the festival.

Of course, in the days leading up to the festival, I tweeted and Instagrammed at Tyler here and there and he’d either reply or like my stuff (always a little thrill, I must admit). At one point I randomly wondered if I’d get within hugging distance of him. He replied that it was an open stage and crowd, plenty of hugging space. I replied to his reply that I was angling for a hug then and a picture with him. (I am particularly cheeky online when the mood hits.)

The Sacramento Music Festival was situated in Old Sacramento, one of my favorite places to visit when in Sacramento (mostly because of Joe’s Crab Shack). It’s a cute area with some neat shops and restaurants (like Joe’s Crab Shack). For the festival, different areas showcased the music, the biggest being the Turntable on the Green, which is where Tyler played.

We had a drink, we had hot dogs, we walked around and checked out some of the other musical areas before finally heading back to the Turntable on the Green. Toree McGee, the gal before Tyler was finishing up her set, ending with the classic, “Piece of My Heart”. Toree is pretty awesome, full of energy with a great voice (and she’s local to this area!). When she was finished, we headed to the front of the stage and I stood front and center and waited.


Tyler came out to do his soundcheck. Yah! He waved at those of us already standing in front of the stage and we made eye contact. Cool! The local country station was playing over the speakers and OF COURSE Sam Hunt’s “Take Your Time” started while Tyler was out there. I couldn’t help singing along to Sam’s song and I watched Tyler as well and he was singing it as well. It seemed fitting to me, since it’s because of Sam that I even know anything about Tyler. After the soundcheck, he headed backstage and out of sight.

When 3 PM rolled around, Tyler hit the stage. It was just him, his guitar, and the microphone. His friend James Cavern joined him for a medley which was pretty awesome. Tyler did a mix of mostly originals and a few covers. He sounded great, I loved all his songs, I wanted MORE. I gave my little camera a workout and videoed the set. (Hope Tyler doesn’t mind!) I did the last two songs on my phone (which ended up sounding better than the camera audio, alas). When Tyler finished, the lady next to me asked him for the setlist (why did I not think of that?!) and I asked her if I could take a picture of it and she said yes. So sweet.

Tyler came up to the few of us who waited and took pictures and gave autographs. I waited my turn because I had in my back pocket a letter I had written him as well as a bag of Red Vines in my backpack. When it was my turn, I wasn’t sure if we were going to shake hands but he came at me with his arms open to give me a hug. HOW SWEET! I think he said thank you for coming out or something like that and I’m sure I forgot to tell him he was amazing on stage and that I very much enjoyed his set. I took out the letter from my back pocket and gave it to him and he was excited about it. He told me that he tried to decipher it on Instagram. (Really? Awww!) I told him not to freak out about my letter (well, more the card) and he was sweet about it. We took a picture together and I almost forgot to give him the bag of licorice in my backpack. When I gave it to him, he smiled and took it and said it was his Kryptonite and he was going to eat it all. I think I got another hug and then I took my leave.

… the lesson here is to take more than one pic if you have the chance…

But just as we were going to walk out, I remembered that I wanted to ask him about that one song (“Like the Way”). So I went back to him, got a picture of part of his arm tattoo (so pretty, I could probably just look at it for a long time), and asked him if he was going to get anymore tattos or had any new ones. No new ones but he wants to eventually get his whole side done (brave!). I then asked him about the song, whether it was an original. He wrote the song about five years ago and it was cut as a duet to sell but it never went anywhere and now it’s just out there. I told him I liked the song. I asked him for another picture and he took my phone and took a few shots of us. One more hug and thank you and off I went.

day144: a selfie with @TylerRichMusic because of course
Tyler is a selfie king, I tell ya!

My afternoon was quite complete and we ended up heading back home. All that sun and walking around coupled with a great musical set was enough for me. I was happy and tired and glad for it all. As we headed out, I posted one of our selfies and before we were in the car, I had a few likes on it.

And it was a good thing we took the selfies because the first picture we took together had him with his eyes closed. Ooops! But our selfies turned out quite cute, mostly because of him. Tyler retweeted it along with a sweet reply which of course just made me adore him more.

I caught every song and turned them into audio files so now I can listen to Tyler whenever I want (now I have more besides “Radio” and “Like the Way”). I really love his original stuff and cannot wait for him to release an album. He has a strong voice, great guitar skills, and a definite way with lyrics. He seriously has it all and it’s going to be a treat when the rest of the world gets to hear him. (Go get “Radio” if you haven’t already! Do it!)

I think it was more of a guide…


  • “Wild Enough”*
    The part of the song where he sings “rough” just kills me. In a good way, that warm way. Hope this song makes his album.
  • “I Can Teach Ya”*
    This is a sassy song about a girl he’s willing to teach the finer points of life.
  • “Ain’t Worth the Whiskey” – Cole Swindell
    I like this song. I even like Cole Swindell’s version. I like Tyler singing it better but that’s just because I like Tyler more than I like Cole. 😉
  • “Sunshine and Whiskey”
    Love the visual of this song. So what does sunshine and whiskey taste like?
  • “California Grown”*
    You know those people who say that California doesn’t do country music? This song says no way to that. It’s a great song about that other side of California that the rest of the world probably doesn’t realize. We’ve got our small towns and big hearts here too.
  • “Southern Comfort”*
    I love this song. Whenever I see the words “Southern Comfort” I think of when I first met my husband, whose drink was Southern Comfort those days.
  • Medley (“No Diggity”/”Give Me One Reason”)
    Loved this! Great groove and his friend James is pretty awesome. Loved his voice! I could totally listen to these two jam all night.
  • “T-Shirt”
    Tyler wrote this song with Josh Gracin. Here’s hoping that it appears on Tyler’s album because it sounds great with him singing it.
  • “Ride or Die”
    For the outlaws out there.
  • “Check Yes or No”* – George Strait
    You can never go wrong with a George song and this song is such a cute one. Tyler does a great job with it.
  • “Home”
    Everyone has their version of home and Tyler gives us his in this song.
  • “Radio”*
    This version was a little slower than the single version and I LOVE it. There was more of a melancholy than in the recording.
  • “Turn It Up”
    When you want to turn it up and let loose and shake off the work week.
  • “Something Like That” – Tim McGraw
    Tyler ended his set strong with this song. He sounded just as good at the end performance as in the beginning.

(* Second time hearing these songs. First heard them at Ace of Spades.)

Good times, good times…

I’ve been sitting on this rundown for awhile, hoping to get over the first blush of it all but nope, that hasn’t happened yet. So I’m posting this with much gushing intact along with this…

Tyler, you are really lovely. You are awesome on stage. Thank you for being so sweet and generous with your time. Having those few minutes to talk with you just made me like you even more, of course. I’m glad to be part of your journey as a fan. Cannot wait until you’ve got more songs out there! I hope to see you again in person and maybe if I do, I’ll bring a little Maker’s Mark. 😉 But truly, I love your music, your sweetness, and your generosity. May you keep that sweetness! Thank you most of all for the moments with you. It really means a lot and fangirl me absolutely loves you. Oh, and you’re a great hugger!

twitter: @TylerRichMusic
instagram: @TylerRich
snapchat: tylerrichmusic

The time I met Tyler Rich (@TylerRichMusic)

with Tyler Rich (@tylerrichmusic)

30 April 2015

I started my day the usual way– alarm at 5:30 AM, shower, wander the internet, iron my clothes, fix my hair, out the door by 7:30 AM to start work at 8:00 AM. (No, don’t know why I wake up so early for work, I just do.)

Work was a good day, especially since at 2:30 PM I was off and headed home. Out the door by 3:00 PM to drive up to Sacramento and got there in plenty of time. In fact, we were able to eat a late lunch and have a beer before joining the line of people across the street from the venue.


We stood in hot sun, which was blessedly at my back, and I made friends with the ladies standing behind me. One was Kelly. She works at KAT Country 103. I didn’t get the names of the other two gals but we all had great conversations. I asked them about the venue (Ace of Spades) because I’d never been there and they were very informative. I ended up standing with them near the front and they were very fun gals. Bummer I didn’t get their names! Kelly was great too and I wish I had gotten her contact info because it would rock to know someone who works at a radio station, right?! Anyhoo, she was there to see Cole Swindell and she had a Meet and Greet with him (lucky gal!). She had lots of different stories about meeting lots of different artists and I couldn’t help envying the perks of her job.


I was there to see Tyler Rich, the first act of the night. I’ve been following him on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook because he started favoriting and liking my Sam Hunt posts. One day I got curious enough to look at his profile, then listen to his song, and his cutie pie looks and sweet smile kinda hooked me and I just had to follow. Plus hello, California boy! So one day we were at the bar, talking about perhaps watching The Avengers movie at midnight opening night and I casually mentioned wanting to see Tyler Rich and in the end, I bought tickets to the Cole Swindell show (even though he just won the ACM New Artist of the Year and I had voted for Sam Hunt) because Tyler was opening for him. After I bought my tickets, I tweeted at Tyler that I was going to the show and I hoped to meet him. He replied that he would say hello to the line, which meant that we’d have to be there early.

So we were there early, standing in the hot sun. We saw Tyler get dropped off. He waved over at the line but didn’t come over. Later, we saw him walk to a truck down the street but he still didn’t come over. Was he ever going to come over?!

I’m sure I was amusing my line-mates. I had to refer to Tyler as “the cute one” to one of the ladies. And I confessed that I really just wanted to see him and that I hadn’t voted for Cole Swindell. I mentioned Sam Hunt but it sounded like they weren’t too interested in him. (What, how can that be?! I know, I thought the same thing.)

Tyler finally came out AGAIN but he was still across the street, this time at the radio station’s tent. He hung out there for awhile and then FINALLY crossed the street to the head of the line.


By now it was nearly time for the doors to open. Tyler had fifteen minutes or so to get to us and I was getting anxious. I know it’s silly but he was SO CLOSE and I would have been SO BUMMED if he didn’t get to our spot. He chatted, he took pictures with people, he moved SLOWLY down the line. It didn’t seem like we were so far away but as the time ticked, he just seemed so far away!

So close!

About five minutes until they were to open the doors, Tyler was SO CLOSE, like just a few people ahead of me. I was anxious, my line-mates were anxious for me too, I think. It would have been hilarious except I was the one who was anxious. I was going to play it off like it didn’t matter if I didn’t meet him but inside I was a slight bundle of nerves. Especially since he was so close. When a couple of guys came up (friends?), he handed them each a stack of his cards to give out to the line. Those fellas started somewhere behind us so that meant that Tyler was going to get to us. Yah!

It’s been awhile since I’ve met someone I’ve wanted to meet (does that make sense) so I might not have been as calm and cool as I wanted to be but I managed my words well enough, introducing myself and then getting a few cute pictures with him. He’s a lovely young man and I was so glad that I got to meet him.

another version of the same moment


The doors finally opened and we were moved in bunches. We were in the second bunch and got to the will-call window in good time. The gal scanned my tickets on my phone. Yes for technology! And then we were in.


There were already people up towards the stage and I joined them, trying to find a space between the taller than me people. The ladies from the line joined me and it was nice having some people to talk with and they good-naturedly teased me about Tyler Rich. I spotted him at the bar on the left and he dropped off a couple of drinks at the foot of the microphone stand and he gave us the ten sign to tell us how long before he’d be performing.

Seven thirty rolled around and Tyler came out to the microphone with just his guitar and for the next thirty minutes he entertained us with his songs and his cute stories in between. I did record a couple of video clips but I really just wanted to enjoy his performance without taking too many pictures or video. And he was so good so enjoy I did. I only knew two songs (well three but only two I could sing along with) but I’d love to know the other original ones he sang. It was great standing so close to the stage and being able to hear everything and see everything. One of the cute moments was when we wished his friend Happy Birthday. He brought him on stage and they both took a shot. Towards the last part of his set, Tyler brought out Kiersten aka the #girlwithapurpleguitar. He signed her guitar then she stayed up on stage with him for a song. SO CUTE!


I thought about staying in the crowd since I had a great spot but I’m not so much a youngster and knew I couldn’t stand for another couple of hours so I made my way through the crowd. After buying a Cole Swindell hat (no merchandise for Tyler, alas!) and listening to maybe one song of the next band, we decided to take off. I’m sure the next band was rockin’ (they sounded pretty good from what I saw) and I’m sure Cole Swindell did great but I was just getting a bit tired. I would have LOVED to have seen Tyler wandering around but I needed my sleep more.

I really liked the venue! From my spot near the stage, I could hear and see everything. I don’t think I’ve ever been so close to the stage for a show. Later, from near the back, everything sounded great as well. The show was sold out and it definitely felt like it. The crowd was pretty chill but who knows how they were by the night’s end. 😉


It’s been a couple of weeks since the show and my regard for Tyler Rich has grown to fangirl lovin’ proportions. I screencap his Snapchats and then Instagram the more decent shots. I tweet musings directed at him and sometimes he replies, which is quite sweet. I pretty much adore him and wish I had more of his songs so that I can do the whole repeat/shuffle thing like I do with Sam Hunt. 😉

In a week we’ll be seeing Tyler again for another performance, this time for the Sacramento Music Festival. I’m excited! Hope to catch him before or after his set and maybe get another picture with him because can’t have too many pictures with a cute fella.

And Tyler, if you happen upon this rambling of mine, THANK YOU for an awesome show and for being so generous with your time on the social networks. It really does mean a lot that you interact with all of us. I know that I appreciate it very much and it just makes me like you even more. I wish you much success and hope that my sister’s prediction comes true and you hit it big. Just don’t forget us along the way! :)

twitter: @TylerRichMusic
instagram: @TylerRich
snapchat: tylerrichmusic

Happy Birthday to me! (& hullo to @TylerRichMusic in the pic)

let me stay here
smile with you
laugh with you
let the breeze
swirl wild around us
catching our whispers
the secrets we tell
beneath the starlit sky
into the morning’s dawn
let me stay here
smiling with you
laughing with you
whispering with you

Tyler Rich on stage at Ace of Spades, 30 April 2015

I have a whole “I met Tyler Rich” essay on the horizon so here’s the short version:

Bought tickets for Cole Swindell the day after the ACM awards show because I wanted to see Tyler Rich, someone who’d been favoriting and liking my Sam Hunt posts and got me curious enough to follow him (even though he wasn’t following me). 30 April 2015 at Ace of Spades in Sacramento rolled around, I got off work early, and then headed to Sacramento to get to the place early enough to meet Tyler while in line waiting for the doors to open. Huzzah!

the super cute picture of me with Tyler Rich

Tyler was GREAT on stage. It was just him, his acoustic guitar, and the microphone. He was amazing and I was near the front and so happy to hear him live. Now I need more music from him! Meeting him and seeing him perform solidified my regard for him. Plus I got him to follow me on twitter and maybe got him to blush when I told him that my sister called me all the way from Atlanta after seeing his picture to tell me what a hottie he is. (I know, I’m a mess.) But seriously, I LOVED his songs and I WANT MORE. I want to be able to listen to him on shuffle/repeat the way I do for Sam Hunt.

So today is my birthday! I’ve been having a super lazy day. In fact, I didn’t get off my lazy butt until I got a Happy Birthday tweet from Tyler Rich. I’m serious. Good thing I got it in the morning, eh? LOL I love all the Facebook birthday wishes because when I get a text notification, my alert is Sam Hunt saying, “What’s your name? You know smoke follows beauty, baby.” And since I have text alerts set up for FB, every Happy Birthday at FB was signaled by Sam. So THANK YOU for all the love!

Sam Hunt last night at the iHeartRadio Country Festival

I’ve also been checking out Tyler Rich’s Snapchat throughout the day. He, his dog, and his friend are driving across the country to Nashville and they’re taking us along for the ride. :) Just saw that he stopped to meet a couple of fans in El Paso. What a sweetheart! :)

his Snapchat is tylerrichmusic, if you wanna see…

And that’s all for now. Hope everyone is having a great end of weekend!

Listworthy: Sam Hunt (@samhuntmusic / #SamHunt)


name: Sam Lowry Hunt
DOB: 8 December 1984
height: 6’4”
degree of separation: ?
my list or yours: yours mine

My first “yours” but it’s a bunch of BS because the only reason he’s not on my List is because he’s beyond my self imposed “threshold” on age. I’m sure I’m not fooling anyone but let’s pretend he’s not actually on my List so I feel less the perv, eh? because he WAS too young to be on MY List. I’ve changed my mind now. Threshold has been moved, he’s on my List now.

How did I start on Mr. Sam Hunt? Well, heard a song on the radio, Shazam’d it, and found out the song was “Take Your Time” by Sam Hunt. And so it began.

see the morning in your eyes

the moment I saw you
the world stopped
a taste of forever
a sliver of perfection
then I knew why
as I took a breath
the reason for my being
shone in your smile
I’ll give you everything
for just one thing
to wake warm beside you
see the morning in your eyes

Sam Hunt

Sometimes I miss writing everyday here but I think the random posts are a bit juicier when I give myself time to think about what I want to write as opposed to it being a daily chore. I do still work on my stories everyday and should I encounter writer’s block, I think I’ll turn to this blog to keep myself writing daily, whatever it may be.

I have my next Listworthy poised to post. I just haven’t figured out which picture to use as the first one. I usually like to use photos that are from photoshoots as opposed to screenshots. But I have taken some nice screenshots, so maybe I’ll just use one of those as the opening photo. We shall see. :)

love that smile

A new position opened and I’ve applied for it. Part of me is nervous and is just really hoping for an interview. And another part of me says, “Doy, you’re going to at least get an interview!” There is comfort in applying for a job while still having a job. Know what I mean? Takes the edge off the desperation. 😉

Taylor Kitsch – True Detective 2

A teaser came out for the second season of True Detective and there were a few nice peeks at Taylor Kitsch. He looks good! 😉 And I’m reminded that I need to keep watching the first season of the show so I can at least get the feel of the series…


Lost River – Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut was released digitally this week and OF COURSE I had to get it. It’s Ryan, for goodness’ sake! What can I say about this movie? Well, it was dark and dreary, more of a mood piece. It wasn’t a bad film. I’ve seen worse which probably not a good endorsement. The music and the visuals were amazing. The actors were good. And yeah, let’s go with that.


Daredevil – I started in the middle of the series because the hubby started watching without me. Ooops! I’ve since watched the first episode and plan on watching the rest so as to catch up to the hubby. Or maybe I’ll just end up watching out of order. LOL Regardless, it’s GOOD! I’m not that familiar with the comic book version and sadly only know a little about the character because of that movie several years back. This version of it is much more well done on all levels. I am actually surprised by how much I like Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock. He has a nice voice. 😉 I’ll always think of him as the Stardust guy. LOL The show is very well done and because it’s on Netflix, it’s allowed to be a bit more bloody and cussy than it would be on network television. This is definitely the future of television.

True Detective – I’m slow watching this show but I need to pick it up because I want to be caught up by the time the next series starts. They probably have nothing to do with one another but at least I can get a feel for it, eh? So far, so good. Suspenseful and mysterious.


Sam performing (video by @Jennevelyn79)

I’m still far too into Sam Hunt. Sometimes I step out of myself and think, “What the hell is going on here?” I listen to him EVERY DAY. I can’t bring myself to play a different playlist at work. It’s all SAM HUNT. Case in point: I had a couple of ladies waiting the lobby to be interviewed. My music was playing and of course it’s Sam. One of the ladies had arrived early so she sat there listening to my music for awhile. When she came out of the conference room, she commented on my wallpaper, which was, of course, Sam Hunt. I said something about how I can’t stop listening to him. She laughed a little and said that she noticed. What’s funny to me is that the pic on my computer was a side view of him, not wholly discernible unless you already know what he looks like. So she must have been a Sam Hunt fan as well.

I keep watching YouTube videos of fan recordings from his concerts. If the video is especially awesome, I do screencaps on my phone. This is how I know I’m way too into him! WTH!


What’s super awesome are the Sam Hunt fans. I think I’ve fallen into a nice group of like minded ladies and even though I think I’m the oldest in the group, it’s been fun talking Sam stuff in this Sam Hunt FB group. It’s pretty cool that someone who actually knows him is part of the group. I think it keeps us aware not get too carried away with our “admiration” of Sam. 😉

Sam’s younger days… nice flip phone dude! (photo from

Sam is up for the ACM New Artist of the Year and his website is posting daily pics of Sam in his younger days. The baby shots are SO CUTE! So, click on the picture below and it’ll take you to and you can click the link to vote for Sam for New Artist of the Year. (Or go straight to and look for his category.) I hope he wins. I think he will but I’m not sure how popular the other two nominees are. I can’t even name their songs, so they haven’t gotten to me yet. 😉

ACM Awards Square - Sam Hunt | | #Hunt4ACM

And with that, I’m off to do my nails. 😉