lingering beneath the surface

confess yourself
admit the reason
vying for your heart
ignore the insecurity
lingering beneath the surface
let go and be free

Philip Winchester – Strike Back

Michael J. Bassett, Strike Back director, posted a picture yesterday and one today of the boys! Well, today was just PW. But oh man, it just makes me ACHE for that show!

Sully – SB

I watched a couple of eps of Xena today and one was “Old Ares Had A Farm.” I loved the Ares eps and this one is one of my favorites because he was mortal. Kevin Smith was just so damn beautiful and it still makes me a touch sad when I see his work. But mostly I try to smile and be grateful for having met him at all.

Kevin Smith as Ares

And sometimes I wonder where he’d be now if he was still alive. Would we have met again? Would I have finally told him thank you for leading me to my awesome friends? I hope so. In another world, in a parallel universe…

taste the wonder

what do you feel
is it real
next to your heart
close to every beat
how do you know
even without a word
someone waits
taste the wonder
emerging from the light
reaching out for you

Strike Back – Philip Winchester & Sullivan Stapleton

Instead of watching rugby last night, I ended up watching an AFL game. I’m still finding it chaotic but it’s still fun to watch, so I’ll keep giving it a go. ;)

stolen moments

stolen moments
in dreams of
and sulty

Sullivan Stapleton in Cut Snake

The longer trailer of Cut Snake rocks. Sully looks so 70s but somehow still hot. He’s got a gift, that’s for sure. :) I hope it’s a movie that comes out this way sometime soon. I’m definitely going to watch it.

It’s the long weekend and I want to enjoy it and relax but I’m still on pins and needles. It’s a little better. I’ll say more when it’s all done. :)

envision the glow


just relax
envision the glow
near and bright
soft and sweet
even in this darkness
never let hope go

Daniel Carter of the All Blacks

I love watching the ice bucket challenge videos. To the haters out there, go on and take your eyes elsewhere and stop trying to bring down the people who are shining light on ALS. The negativity just gets to me.

So that’s Dan Carter getting his. Love him. When the hell is he going to play again though?! Oh, and LOVE that he did it with his shirt OFF. Boys, if you’ve got the body, do not be shy, mmmkay? ;)

before the shirt came off

I’m still hoping for a good thing. So positive vibes this way, if you please. :)

And HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY to my precious niece! Where has the time gone?

pure satisfaction

hones the senses
infusing delight with
love’s taste
imbued with
pure satisfaction

first season Stonebridge

The stress is seriously getting to me. How long can I last in this weird limbo? It’s quite maddening.

Henry, doused

What helps, of course, is the video of Henry and Amy taking the ice bucket challenge. Look at that face! How damn cute is he?! DAMN CUTE.

the silence overwhelms

the silence
my jagged heart

Henry Cavill & Amy Adams

adrift nevermore


the Strike Back boys

I’m trying to stay positive yet realistic. A precarious balance…

pondering my fate

poem #1
pierced through the
heart so open
if I bleed
leave me
in this despair
pondering my fate

poem #2
keeping it
in such darkness
this cannot last
spare me the indifference
caught in your heart
holding fast the indecision

the boys of Strike Back

I am super envious of the people who keep running into Henry Cavill. I’m glad that they’re taking pictures with him and sharing them with the internet. I’m also glad that they find him to be approachable. But why can’t I meet him too?! Oh yeah, I’m not in Michigan. LOL

behind the scenes of season 3 of Strike Back

I posted that pic to Instagram and Twitter and Michelle Lukes retweeted it. Awwww! I ended up getting a fair share of faves and RTs for that pic. I feel loved.