lavish with mystery

can’t you see
a light just ahead
in the stillness
lost in the darkness
lavish with mystery

oh the laughter with these two – Sullivan Stapleton & Philip Winchester

Today was only Tuesday. What the heck?!

amaze me with a whisper

stay here with me
take me by the hand
amaze me with a whisper
promise me forever
leave nothing unsaid
even any fears
trapped in the darkness
open your heart to me
never let me go

my latest lockscreen

Surely Taylor Kitsch has surely disowned me by now. Sorry Kitsch! I still adore you. Go to work and spark it in me again. :) I know you can do it. Someone give that man a job! Please?

Stonebridge, season 2

I am jumping around with my screencaps of Strike Back. I need to organize them on my Flickr but I’m a bit lazy. I’m sure I’m capping stuff I’ve previously done but oh well! I’m having fun with it and that’s all that matters, right?

Scott, season 2

Isn’t it a universal understanding that if you go to an office and have to fill out a form, if they give you a clipboard, you’re meant to take the form and clipboard and sit down? As opposed to standing at the counter and filling out the form at the receptionist’s window? It happened TWICE today. The third time, the person dutifully took the hint. A minor thing for sure, but DAMN.

the hush a stillness

the hush
a stillness
yearning at bay
listless, impatient
restless underneath

Philip Winchester – Strike Back

Finished up the audio commentary on US season 2 of Strike Back. I really do love it when both Sully and Phil are going back and forth. The last commentary was great and they were joined by Shane Taylor, who played Craig Hanson. Phil likes to say “smash”, mentioned his wife a couple of times (awww), and pretty much kept the British accent throughout (which I personally liked). Sully was adorable in the US season one commentary when he was talking about the little girl from eps one and two and how she was a trouper through it all and I think he hadn’t seen some of his work because he was especially quiet during a couple of Damien Scott speeches. Adorable. ;) And Shane Taylor seemed like a nice guy (though his character was cold and driven by vengeance). LOL I loved hearing about their co-stars and the guest stars. Someone (Phil?) noted that whenever Damien is shagging a woman, the next shot will be of Julia Richmond (played by the LOVELY Michelle Lukes) to hint or remind the audience that she likes Damien. I thought it was a neat bit of foreshadow considering the end of US season three. ;)

I actually woke up today and watched the Australian film Animal Kingdom right off before finishing the audio commentary on Strike Back. I guess I was in a Sully mood? ;) It was a good movie with great performances. Sully’s character Cody is a bit unhinged but he was great, of course. It’s cool hearing his natural accent. He has a nice voice no matter, of course.

After a Strike Back break, I indulged with more Sully, this time Underbelly Files: Infiltration. Another Aussie production, this time Sully played a police detective who infiltrates a mafia family. He was awesome in it! I could see the seeds of Damien Scott in that performance. It’s set in the 90s so there’s a bit of fashion fun going on┬ábut he still looks good. Can’t hide those pretty eyes. Or the chest hair. ;)

Sully as Colin McLaren

But I still like Sully best in Damien Scott mode. Even when he’s down and dirty.

as Damien Scott

remains to comfort

this hasn’t ended
a mere pause
yet exists
lost in the madness
only faith
remains to comfort

Philip Winchester – Strike Back

I think I had a Strike Back dream but it was a Richard Armitage dream. WTH. Seriously? So today I listened to the audio commentary for all of US season 1 and am working on US season 2. Philip Winchester keeps his British accent, a bit more gentle than Stonebridge, and Sullivan Stapleton is in his natural Aussie. It’s been fun listening to them! When it’s just the two of them, they’re hilarious. I think I just like them even more. LOL

Sullivan Stapleton – Strike Back

Could it be I’m watching too much Strike Back? Is there really such a thing? I seriously miss that show SO MUCH and I’m glad I have the blu-rays but when is US season 3 coming out?!

The Rugby Championship started this weekend! Oh, and the ITM Cup. The All Blacks/Wallabies ended in a draw and South Africa won over Argentina. Boo on the draw! Oh well. Canterbury beat Auckland. :) And there’s even more rugby now! Must enjoy it while I still can…

if just for one breath

press your
heart to mine
if just for one breath
let this go
it’s meant to be
poised for memory

Philip Winchester – Strike Back

A teaser promo for season four of Strike Back is up! It got me excited for the next and last season of one of my favorite shows. I’m anxious to see it but I’m also sad that the show is coming to an end. I hope the boys survive because then I’ll really be sad if they don’t!

Sullivan Stapleton – Strike Back

Stayed home today. I got up at my usual time, took my shower, and had all intention of going to work but I was already feeling drained from my routine. I ended up going back to sleep for five hours or so! When I woke up in the afternoon, I actually felt better. Usually if I sleep like that, I end up with a headache or something but not this time. I guess I needed the rest.

We ended up watching Strike Back: Origins. Such a DIFFERENT show from the Stonebridge/Scott version. It was good though and I’m glad I watched it. Richard Armitage is awesome as John Porter and I can totally see why the fans of the first series were put out by the new incarnation of the show.

Richard Armitage as John Porter in Strike Back

take this slow


take this slow
one step in whispers
moving in time

Strike Back – Philip Winchester

So say the new person I follow on twitter is actually HIM. It would be SO WILD. I hope he doesn’t show his friend my twitter profile page. Or maybe I don’t mind. Nah, I don’t mind. ;)

I love being vague. LOL

the boys

venture forth in light

stay with me
until you can’t
linger awhile longer
love this time
if you must go
venture forth in light
among the stars so bright
needing only laughter

Strike Back – Philip Winchester & Sullivan Stapleton

I might have more words. But I don’t.

the star flickers and fades

the star flickers then fades
beauty now mere memory
the gust a solitary whistle
rising up to the heavens
the darkness only momentary
one breath then the light

Strike Back – Sullivan Stapleton

I don’t think a week goes by when someone doesn’t come into the office and think we’re the post office. We’re next door to the post office, yes, but the letters on our building most definitely do not say post office. Oh, and we don’t have any mail boxes on the premises. So why do people think we’re the post office? Is it the flags outside? But what about the letters on the building that say precisely what we are?

Michelle Lukes & Philip Winchester – Strike Back

I keep watching Strike Back. I think I am going through withdrawals because I know I should be watching NEW episodes now. ::sigh::