leave something sweet

promise me this
heart to mine
if you dare
leave something sweet
in your kiss
pave the way to forever

hot mugshots – Strike Back

I’m going to say this– I will NOT watch the 50 Shades of Grey movie. But I will say that Jamie Dornan is awesome and talented and HOT but perhaps not so much as Christian Grey. This article says it all for me. I hope this movie doesn’t kill it for Jamie Dornan. As a passerby fan, I’ll overlook this misstep. ;)

Having fun with my current story! I need to go back to the other one and perhaps do some revisions. We shall see.

my favorite jailbirds…

pretend with me

pretend with me
hold me close
it’s only now
live forever
in this breath
pretend with me

So serious – Philip Winchester in Strike Back

So I’ve been watching Strike Back during my lunch breaks this week. I think it’s just that time of year for me obsess over the show and in previous years, it would be time for the show to premiere on Cinemax. But not this year. Alas! Apparently the show won’t be back until 2015. I MISS MY STRIKE BACK BOYS!!!

Sullivan Stapleton in Strike Back

The internet filters at work have gotten super restrictive. It’s a big bummer! Even though I understand why we can’t go to certain sites, some of it just doesn’t make sense. Like my website! What do I say here to make it inaccessible at work? ::sigh:: It’s like the filter we use just blocks nearly everything for no real reason. :( Mostly I miss be able to look at twitter on my work computer. I think that if the workplace has an official twitter, we at the workplace should be allowed to look at it. Only makes sense.


he smiles every time

he smiles
every time
never giving way
resisting temptation
yet inviting more

Philip Winchester & Sullivan Stapleton – Strike Back

I think I’ve finished my most recent short story. Now I let it simmer and stew and go back later to see what needs to be added or subtracted. While that’s happening, I’m going to start another story that already has an end. Different, right? ;)

moving through the heart

this hope
opens light
moving through the heart

Philip Winchester – Strike Back

I can’t stop with the screencaps. No one really wants me to stop anyway. ;)

pretend it’s forever

press against this
heart your hand
in one moment
let go
in this moment
pretend it’s forever

Strike Back – Sullivan Stapleton & Philip Winchester

I went 31 twitter pics in a row featuring Philip Winchester in some way before today’s photo of the day (which is actually Philip Winchester related but not in a way discernible to most people). How about that streak! LOL And I can probably go a long time always posting a PW pic here on my blog. ;)

I watched the first episode of Camelot today. Everyone in that show is actually pretty awesome but I personally never liked the casting choice of Jamie Campbell Bower as Arthur. He’s a decent actor, I’ve liked him in other movies, but as Arthur he just didn’t do it for me. Philip Winchester was also on that show (yes, that’s why I watched it this time around) and I remember wondering how Guinevere could choose Arthur (JCB) over Leontes (PW). It seriously never made any kind of sense to me. And watching the first episode again, it still makes NO SENSE. I don’t know if I want to watch anymore episodes but I might power through them sometime. Eva Green is once again AWESOME and maybe for her (and PW) I will watch the rest of the episodes. We shall see. ;)

There are things I should be doing but right now I’m letting myself get distracted by nonsense so that I can better face the days ahead. We have to move soon, which SUCKS so much but we’ll get through it. And instead of unburdening myself here, I’m just going to keep posting about my fellas and my stories and the tv shows I watch…


light blinding the darkness

could this mean nothing
a mere ripple
veering then fading
it could mean everything
loyalty rewarded
light blinding the darkness

Philip Winchester & Michelle Lukes – Strike Back

I watched a few eps of season two Strike Back today. I am seriously missing this show! Now I want to know when season three will be out on blu-ray. Anyone? LOL

I have been posting an inordinate amount of Philip Winchester screencaps to my twitter. Yes, I admit it! But at least I know some of my twitter followers appreciate all the posts. I am getting LOTS of love for those pics, which pretty much ROCKS. So thank you, fellow Philip Winchester fans, for appreciating my efforts. ;)

seriously, try to resist these two…

emerge in laughter

sultry night
the dark so warm
a whisper
promising delight
lazy dreams
emerge in laughter
the heart
open and patient
night’s sweet bliss

Strike Back – Philip Winchester & Sullivan Stapleton

I seriously think I need to have a mini-marathon of Strike Back. I MISS those guys! Even though I don’t want the show to end, I want to see the new episodes. Do we really have to wait until 2015?

pass beneath the light

patiently wait
here for me
in this crowd
loud with chaos
if you can hear me
pass beneath the light

smiles on the Strike Back Boys

I seriously miss Strike Back. I blame Philip Winchester and his appearance on 24: Live Another Day. It’s funny what can trigger me. LOL And I love the above shot. They’re both smiling so cutely.

Sometimes my poems don’t make sense. I know. ;)