maybe we could stay

maybe we could stay
letting the world disappear
here in the silence

Sully – Strike Back

Today marks the 16th anniversary of one of my favorite moments in the whole world– the pic of me with Dean O’Gorman, Ryan Gosling, and Joel Tobeck!

santa monica 1999
Dean, me, Ryan, Joel – 24 January 1999 – Santa Monica

This photo is from my camera but a couple of weeks ago I had used a different version for my Thursday Throwback photo on twitter. Because I had tagged Joel, Dean, and Ryan, two of them saw my tweet and re-tweeted it, causing a lovely swell of faves and RTs. As of this writing, my tweet has been favorited 442 times and retweeted 132 times. THANK YOU JOEL & DEAN!!! :D

Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO William Gregory Lee!!! Not sure what he’s doing these days but if he happens upon this post, I just want to say I miss you, still adore you, and hope all is well! Oh, and drop me a line sometime! ;)

Crossing Lines – season 2 – We finally finished watching the second season of Crossing Lines. Without spoilers, I will say that I enjoyed all the location shots, the writing, the acting, the plots. It was interesting and enlightening some of the character background that was explored. The season ended with a cliffhanger and I hope it gets another season because there are way too many loose ends!

let me sit here

let me sit here
darkness in the mist
breathe the wet chill
the sky unseen
the sun too distant
the breeze a mere tickle
let me sit here
silence in the gray
the edges soft
the colors stark
where time and space collide
near to nothing

Sully – Strike Back

The Fall – series 2
We binged watched the second series of The Fall. I liked it, of course. Gillian Anderson was incredible again and Jamie Dornan was downright amazing. GO WATCH IT!!! I wish I could say more but I’m not the spoiler type. But I will post a screencap:

Jamie Dornan in The Fall

300 Rise of an Empire – Watched this again yesterday. I keep wondering when I’ll stop but I don’t want to stop so there it is. Here’s something new I noticed in this umpteenth viewing – Sully’s beard isn’t quite as consistent as it should be throughout the movie. Maybe I’m not getting the way time is passing but sometimes his beard is super full and other times it’s a bit more trim.

as Themistokles

And truth be told, I noticed Jack O’Connell’s character from the beginning but I knew he was young so you know, didn’t want to notice him “that way.” And I still don’t although I can see why he’d be noticed. ;) If that makes sense.

Jack O’Connell as Calisto

hold your breath and still your heart

will you wait for me
hold your breath and still your heart
let time pause for now

Sully in US season one of Strike Back

I woke up today and thought, “It’s only Tuesday?”

Last night we watched the National Championship game at Black Angus. It was fun! I slow sipped my two glasses of wine and enjoyed the football game. I wanted a lot of scoring and mostly got it. I didn’t mind the result either but I didn’t really care too much.

My phones went a little nuts today after school let out. I didn’t get to chit chat when I wanted. Boo! But I shouldn’t be so picky because I got to chit chat yesterday with this particular person. ;)

I finished re-watching US season two of Strike Back so now I’m on the first season. It’s always a little strange watching the first season and watching the boys work out their kinks. And oh my god, Damien has LOTS of sexy time in the first season. LOL I’m doing screencaps and I might do some of the sexy scenes. Just to have. ;)

I made new friend recently because of our mutual admiration of Sully. Look, he’s bringing people together! :D

this heart beats softly


this heart beats softly
anticipation beneath
waiting for the spark

from Strike Back, of course

I’m watching 300 Rise of an Empire because that’s what I do on the weekends. ;) Sometimes it’s just noise in the background. Sometimes I sit and actually pay attention. Sometimes I stop at certain moments just to take a good look. ;) I am all about feeding my Sullivan Stapleton thing.

Speaking of Sully, I wish he was part of the awards season and the parties that are popping up this time of year. I’d LOVE to see him all gussied up and schmoozing with other celeb types. Just because. I’d like to see him take a pic with Henry Cavill like the one below…

Cavill & Dornan

When I first saw the picture above, I had a fangirl moment. Henry Cavill and Jamie Dornan in the same space just makes me squidgy. I know we’re going to see LOTS of Dornan in the coming month or so because of that movie. And I want it known that I liked him BEFORE that movie and I will like him after that movie and I believe he will be the best thing in that movie. If it gets panned, I think he will be the bright spot. It’s just a bummer that he had to be clean shaven for the role. His scruff/beard just seems more his real face than the clean shaven version… And of course, I think Henry looks awesome in his current look. Short hair and scruff? YES PLEASE. ;) I hope the look is part of a new role. I’d LOVE to see that look on the big screen. Although the shorter hair makes his head look a bit small or something. LOL I keep noticing how small his head looks in some of the more recent pictures. Maybe it’s the angles. Or maybe he’s standing with people who have big heads.

Gillian Anderson and Henry Cavill

AWESOME pic. I’d totally fangirl if I got to stand with Gillian Anderson. She just keep getting more gorgeous. And of course, I’d be smiling like that if I got to stand with Henry. HULLO! ;) There’s also a shot of them with Chris Evans from the night before the pic above. Too much hotness in that one! Wait, is that possible?

Brothers Cavill

Henry doesn’t look much like his brothers (to me) but his brothers look like each other (the two I’ve seen). Handsome, of course. :)

My Most Popular Tweet (yes, I am going to refer to it in capital letters) is still getting faves. I LOVE IT! And I need to stop talking about it but it just delights me to no end. I love that so many eyes are seeing that pic of me with the boys. LOL And I’m still so stoked that Joel tweeted that picture with Sully AND he replied to me when I asked how he knew Sully. Freakin’ sweet, that one. :D

ready to reveal

he knows your secrets
the ones waiting in the wings
ready to reveal

contemplative Sully – Strike Back

I’m still a little delighted about all the faves my throwback Thursday tweet has gotten so far. LOVE! <3 It’s the little things that can truly make your day.

the love that spreads far and wide

what’s sweeter than this
the love that spreads far and wide
from such simple words

Sully – Strike Back

This is my most popular tweet EVER! Holy crap!

So that was my Thursday Throwback post and sometime during the day Joel Tobeck actually noticed it! He RT’d it and then later this evening all heck broke loose! LOL As of this writing, my tweet has been RT’d 162 times. Holy crap! But not only did he RT my tweet (THANK YOU JOEL!) but he also tweeted at me along with an awesome picture I’ve never seen before!

So very awesome. I’m feeling all kinds of love at the moment. :)

the longing you think you hide

now confess to me
the longing you think you hide
your darkest secrets

the Strike Back lads

Sometimes it feels like time is just at a standstill and other times it just feels as if it’s zipping by in near incoherence. You think you’re anchored to something. Maybe it’s a feeling. Maybe it’s the certainty of tomorrow. Then the world sends you off an edge you didn’t know existed and you’re not sure if you feel alive or if you feel the inevitability of the end. It seems so far away but it’s closer than you think.

And sometimes you just spew out words that make no sense at the moment because it’s all just feelings and musings and nothing tangible. But one day perhaps, the words will mean something to you or to someone else and then you’ll be glad to have said them.


forty words

a 40 word poem for a new 40 year old:

welcome to this world
the lovely land of 40s
may it stretch far and wide
filled with great adventure
filled with bright laughter
filled with endless joy
welcome to this world
rife with wisdom
this great unknown
waiting for you

Yes, I’m creative like that. ;)

the boys – Strike Back

I like when interesting people come into the office. People who call me by name as if we know each other and make me smile. ;) I think I might have seen a person who could play one of my characters. It’s a good thing. Sully might be tired of playing most of my current fellas. He’s been slacking off as My Muse. I’ve had to use Chris Hemsworth in one of my stories. Well, one of my story bits. He was really good in that story bit.

I think it’s time for me to write.