Saturday Night Cabaret

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Starring with the Bards-- Kevin Smith, Joel Tobeck, Danielle Cormack, and Timothy Omundson

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Just a little commentary...

The Cabaret was a definite highlight of the convention.

Joel Tobeck rocked!  I never thought I would say this, but he was HOT on stage.  Did my jaw drop?  I think it did, especially during those rockin' guitar moments.  He was just utterly fantastic.  And come on, he sang Prince oh so well...

Kevin Smith made the ladies swoon!  I believe my reaction to his appearance on stage was, "OHMYGOD!"  Yes, just like that.  Oh, and his singing!  Divine, to be sure.  My most favorite moment, among many, is his Elvis of "In the Ghetto."  I swear the King himself would have thought he was hearing himself.  Can we say floored?  And he caught himself dancing a few times.  He's not that bad, really!

Danielle Cormack wowed us with her energy!  She looked like she was having so much fun.  I know I would have been if I had been on stage with the fellows.  She was just infectious with her laughter and smiles.

Tim Omundson was just oh-so cool!  Nice harmonica and he gets bonus points for being Beer Man.  He was just adorable up there in his suit.  It was like he came from the crowd to jam with the group on stage.

All in all, definitely worth seeing and hearing!

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