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photography by Peter Brew-Beven, 2 December 2002 issue of People Magazine
photography by Peter Brew-Beven
02 December 2002 issue of People Magazine


  • Pasadena 2001 - I only went one day, but I managed to say hullo to Karl and meet some cool Privateers folks.  ;)

  • Sacramento 1998 - the first time I met Karl.  He kissed me!  (on the cheek)

  • "Lifeblood" - the Xena episode that was almost the pilot for Amazon High.  Karl plays Kor, his best line (only line?): "Good body."


Welcome to my very modest tribute to the New Zealand actor Karl Urban.  I got my first taste of Karl as Cupid, then Julius Caeser on Hercules the Legendary Journey and Xena Warrior Princess.  He's been most recently seen as Munder in the movie GHOST SHIP and will soon hit the big screen again as the Rohan warrior Eomer in THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE TWO TOWERS, the second installment in the adventure epic.

the first time we met... click on the the thumbnail to view the original image...  I first met Karl at the Sacramento Xena Convention in 1998.  It was a smaller convention and the one and only time I think I sat in the front row of a convention.  I got to ask Karl an Erik Thomson question from my seat.  ;)  And the picture of us looks a bit funny because he just kissed me on the cheek.  Awww....

the last time we met... click on the thumbnail to view original image...  The next time I saw Karl was at the Santa Monica convention (1999), but I didn't get a picture with him or of him.  (My stage pictures from that convention turned out CRAPPY!  Plus I was more interested in Chris Conrad and Ryan Gosling.)  Anyhoo, the last time I saw Karl was in 2001, in Pasadena.  That moment above is also immortalized on video:

*** Karl and Val aka Karl Urban at the booth, part 2 (offsite, at the official site for THE PRIVATEERS)


  • NAME: Karl Urban

  • DOB: 7 June 1972

  • POB: Wellington, New Zealand

  • STATUS: girlfriend, father to Hunter (born November 2000)

And the latest...

Karl appears in the 2 December 2002 issue of PEOPLE magazine (the one with Ben Affleck on the cover).  He's in the "On the Verge" section of the double issue featuring the sexiest men alive.  I was too lazy to write up the little article, so if you want to read it, click on the thumbnail.  (The original images will open up to a new browser...)  Enjoy!

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