The Encore

And meeting the players...

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Yes, the fellows of Sound and Fury did an encore.  A song called "Desdemona."  Twas cute, of course!

Four Furies and the Unknown Man

(left) Four Furies we are, pictured with a man we know not.  Shelby (right) took the pic, hence its inclusion on this page.  Hmm, wonder what he's smiling about...

Shelby smiling at someone...

TheRose & "Romeo"

After the show, the guys come out and we naturally gravitated toward the above pictured Shelby.  Richard came over (was it our sweet faces or the fact that Shelby had ladies gathered around him?) and TheRose, not wanting him to feel left out, asked to take a picture with him. Of course, as she and I are OTs, I had to do the same.  Hey, we should have both gotten one with him!  ( I think of this after the fact.)

"Romeo" & Kiari

["... in fair Verona..."]  [Romeo and Juliet]  [Romeo & the other "ladies"]  [Encore]

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