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The Place - The Pasadena Center, Pasadena

The Time - 21 to 23 January 2000

The Guests -

Friday: Timothy Omundson, Danielle Cormack

Saturday: Joel Tobeck, Meighan Desmond, Jeremy Callaghan, Gina Torres, Victoria Pratt, Jennifer Sky, Kevin Smith
(Ryan Gosling signed autographs on Saturday, but did not have stage time...)

Sunday: Robert Field, Ebonie Smith, Willa O'Neill, Alison Wall, Michael Hurst, Kevin Sorbo

Pictures by Kiari

*** None of my convention pictures may be displayed on another website or used in any other manner without express written consent from me.  You may download for personal viewing purposes only.  Thank you for visiting and enjoy! ***

The Guests

The Fans

Report by Kiari

I very much intend on writing up my remembrances from this rather eventful weekend.  In the mean time, content yourself with the little tidbits on the picture pages...

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