Congratulations to ALL SAINTS, Georgie Parker, and Libby Tanner for their wins at the Logie! 🙂 Read more about it at ==> Logies 2002 I’m a little sad that Erik didn’t win, but he’s always number one with me. 🙂 And here’s a picture (also from from the red carpet at the Logies.… Read More 75933111


HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIK THOMSON! Today (well, yesterday his time, as he is down under) is Erik’s 35th. Hope he had a most lovely day! Oh, and good luck on the Logie! 😉


MURDER BY NUMBERS opens today! I’m hopefully seeing it sometime this weekend, but I suppose I should figure out when, eh? Woohoo, Ryan on the big screen!


Okay, I changed it to 5 posts. LOL! Updates! I’ve added a page for THE BELIEVER. Nice picture, eh? On THE BELIEVER page you’ll find a very brief synopsis on the movie as well as bio information on Ryan. I’ve also added the screencaptures from the Spirit Awards. Just an example. 😉


I’ve whittled the posts listed on this page to 3. I might change it again, but 7 posts seemed like a lot. Especially when I get long winded. 😉 I received my press kit for THE BELIEVER yesterday and will hopefully have the scans up very soon.


I have integrated the weblog into the main page. Now you have to read about the updates. LOL! No more frames on the main site, which means I need to update the other main stuff here. It will be done. Sometime. 😉 I’ve also taken the comments thing out. I bet you didn’t notice. 😀


Erik Thomson has been nominated for a Logie! He’s in the category for Silver Logie – Most Popular Actor. Good luck Erik! 🙂