veiled in waiting

sweep away this uncertainty lingering so listlessly inside this heart veiled in waiting a breath away needing release last night’s rugby RANDOMNESS… I’m watching some rugby right now but I’m feeling sleepy… My tooth is kinda killing me. I want it to pass because I really don’t want to visit the dentist… Oh, we watched…

tucked close a heart

tucked close a heart yet untouched longing only love ready and true 300 Rise of an Empire Totally thinking get well soon thoughts for Sullivan Stapleton. I hope all the good thoughts sent his way make for a bit of comfort for him. 🙂

not very far with hope

so why until now lost and lonely in the darkness visions haunt me a glimmer glows not very far with hope Erik Thomson in All Saints So Erik’s turn on All Saints was so long ago that it’s not even in HD or letterbox. Goodness me! I think it’s great it’s (legally) accessible to me…

taste the sweetness

taste the sweetness against your tongue lighting desire oh so very ravenous Sullivan Stapleton – 300 Rise of an Empire I’m looking forward to Sully’s movie too much. LOL 😉

intrigue persistent

perhaps heaven exists it might be true left to this intrigue persistent Philip Winchester in Fringe

my dream come true

this time just once can this be my dream come true Philip Winchester – Fringe As promised (wait, did I promise?), a screenshot of Philip Winchester from the episode of Fringe that I watched yesterday. See, shirtless! I think this was his first scene of the series? And how did I not remember his turn…

lush with promise

the light a warmth yet untouched lush with promise open and serene ready to shine Sullivan Stapleton – 300 Rise of an Empire I know I keep posting Sully pics but I am just so excited about this movie coming out! I love watching the trailer and hearing yet another accent on him. 😉 I…