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“Don’t Get Around Much Anymore” – Harry Connick Jr

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Photo of the Week:

I didn’t take this picture but I must share it nonetheless:

miss sydnee jordan, daughter of Sheilah & David
miss sydnee jordan, daughter of Sheilah & David

Sydnee was born on Friday, 4:21 EDT weighing in at 7lbs 1 oz and measuring at 21.5 inches. So excited that she’s here! Now I wish I could see her in person. 🙂

This week’s poem (posted here):
it’s smiling to the sunshine
it’s laughing with the breeze
it’s savoring every moment
it’s the shadows from the trees
it’s dreaming of something better
it’s hoping for the very best
it’s cherishing every moment
it’s the challenge of the test
it’s acting with good intentions
it’s listening to the wise
it’s drawing strength within
it’s seeing through the lies
it’s mending the broken heart
it’s breathing with every beat
it’s dusting off the doldrums
it’s the rise from utter defeat
it’s taking in the world
it’s knowing when to let go
it’s everything inside of you
it’s all you’ll ever know

I am very happy that my niece has been born. She has a healthy cry and will probably change with everyday that passes.