I let you go

I let you go
long ago
so why do my dreams
fill with your laughter
tempting me
teasing me
making me think
I feel your touch
the skim of your whisper
light on my skin
my recollections
twisting your words
into promises
you never uttered
yet I believed
then I let you go
turning my back
walking away
or did I lie
when I sighed
a little sad
good bye

looking out the window before sunrise

Saw the dentist today. Cracked tooth (like microscopic). Will need a crown. Joy! Not infected, no cavities on that side, bones look good. I get the crown on the 7th. And then all the symptoms should disappear. Until then, not eating on that side… Oh, and get this, my tooth didn’t hurt too much today, not like it’s been this whole week. WTH?!

Things TV

  • New Girl – I really love this show a lot for so many reasons. It always makes me laugh out loud like a loon. What is going on with Winston? He’s acting nutty and I love it!
  • Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Great start to the series. One of the gals reminds me of my flower girl. LOL It’s a fun and adventuresome show and I hope it does well.

So glad tomorrow is Friday!