if I close my eyes

poem #1
the meaning will twist
if the words are rearranged
with just some effort

poem #2
if I close my eyes
take that breath
will I feel you
warm beside me
if I call your name
just above a whisper
will you laugh at me
while taking my hand
if I open my eyes
exhale that breath
will I feel nothing
just remnants of yesterday
if I call your name
will the stars shine brighter
bringing comfort
in the emptiness

Lunch with the cousins

My weekend (which includes today…)

SATURDAY – Didn’t do much beyond watching rugby. LOL I did get to FaceTime with my niece. She is awesome! And so lively. I love her to bits!

SUNDAY – Went to lunch with my cousins! We went to a place called Silk Road in Walnut Creek. I think we were the first patrons of the day. It smelled so good! I opted for something soft and ordered the ravioli. So good!
Lunch with the cousins
We also had ice cream. SO GOOD!
As always, it was great spending time with my cousins. We need to get together more often, I think. 🙂
After I came home, we went to Tailgaters for some drinks, then to Best Buy (which was at half light for some reason), then to Barnes and Noble (where I didn’t buy that book but instead bought another that I’ve already finished).

MONDAY – We had an early day because Holli got her stitches taken out! Yah for her! 😀 After we took her home, we went to breakfast then to Target. And I found my Man of Steel action figure. Joy!

Sometimes, do you just want to know the whole story, all the bits and pieces tween the cryptic lines? Don’t you just want to stop filling it all with maybes and perhaps? Don’t you just want to know the truth, even if it’s not yours to know?

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