I’ll forget the way you smile

no, I don’t need you
I’ll forget the way you smile
as if just for me

Henry on Sesame Street
Henry Cavill on Sesame Street

Henry Cavill on Sesame Street IS THE CUTEST THING EVER!!! Seriously, watch it. ADORABLE!!!

Rambling randomly

  • I’m going to have to do another Take on Pressgram since we’re on a new version, which just happened today. Yah! My “dislikes” have been addressed, I think, so ROCKIN’! Maybe more later. 😉 If you have an iPhone (yes, it’s only iOS right now), why not check it out? And if you do, I’m “Valerie” there. Just search and you’ll find me.
    "Valerie" on Pressgram
  • Is it weird to look forward to the iOS update? Well then, I’m weird! 😉
  • One of the things that gets me excited these days is the thought of National Novel Writing Month. I’m in the pondering which story to use this time around stage. So, which story? I don’t know. I think I’m once again leaning towards a contemporary romance but I’m not sure what the main characters do for a living. When I don’t know that, I can get stuck! And I cannot get stuck in the middle like I did last year…
  • Justin Timberlake’s “Mirrors” has grown on me. It’s a long song but I like the way it sounds.
  • My A’s have a Magic Number. At the moment, it’s 7. Wow.

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