keep me in your heart

keep me in your heart
tucked in a space warm and bright
guarding all your smiles


The Big Bang Theory – We were treated to TWO episodes last night. JOY! And there were some crazy, laugh out loud moments for me. I don’t know if I just LOVE the show so much or if it’s genuinely funny or perhaps it’s both!… Sheldon’s dream about Leonard was HILARIOUS. But even better was when Sheldon and Penny called Leonard and he was having the time of his life!… Raj and the HR lady Mrs. Davis was a great scene as well, especially towards the end… Can I just say it’s weird seeing Raj talk to women but it’s also appropriate that he still doesn’t know HOW to talk to them?… LOVED that Howard was filled estrogen. It made him a little like Raj, no? LOL… I liked the end of the second ep and the realization that no one had told Leonard about Raj. Great stuff!…

2 thoughts on “keep me in your heart

  1. TBBT was awesome!! The Sheldon/Penny time was a riot. And Raj & Howard holding each other’s chests?? I was in tears!! Howard on estrogen was classic 😀 Love that show!

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