the sway and stirring

the sway and stirring
the rushing cool of the breeze
aimless wandering

the moon in the morning, far in the distance

RANDOM TIP #1 – If you’re not going to hold your phone like a camera when taking pictures, I say take square pictures so we’re none the wiser. πŸ˜‰


So if it’s busy at the Starbucks drive thru, the unspoken and courteous way to the drive thru is to make a left turn in as opposed to coming the opposite way and going right into the drive thru. Usually if folks come down the “wrong” way, they go all the way down the line and just make a U-turn to join the queue. Oh, but not the woman in the picture above! She was apparently “waited” at least two cars before me because the truck in front of the car in front of me blocked the opposing lane just to make sure the wannabe right turner could run in. The car in front of me hurried at first chance, leaving me to “let in” the cutter. I didn’t want to, I even yelled out my window at her. I should have honked my horn at her because I was so pissed but what if she was a total nutters. I didn’t want to deal with that especially since I was feeling quite murderous. At the very least, it was SO FUCKING RUDE of her to just jump in front of me like that. At worst, she was actually just a stupid dumbass who actually did not know better. Did she think the four or five cars behind me appreciated her cutting? I bet not! I know I didn’t appreciate it.

So not the way I wanted to start my Friday. UGH.

the frapp was good though

It was an otherwise lovely day, nicely quiet. I did get a person who asked if I was the post office. Will it not ever end? I hope I’m not ever too snarky when I answer the question but I so wish I could put up a sign.

RANDOM TIP #2 – Don’t come unannounced somewhere, expect someone to drop their work for you, and when that person says they can only spare a couple of minutes, say that you left work early to catch her before we close. Honey*, just because you left your work early doesn’t mean that someone else isn’t busy. And what if the person you wanted was off from work or something? What would you have done then? You should have just said, “Thank you for seeing me, I just need a couple of minutes.” Don’t give some bullshit to guilt the person who is ACTUALLY STILL WORKING. I was oddly livid for my co-worker’s interruption by the inconsiderate visitors who didn’t even have the courtesy to call first to make sure that my co-worker was actually in the office.

iOS 7 – I like the change a lot and I think my only complaint at this point (beyond iTunes Radio missing for a bit for no reason at all) is battery life. Is it me playing with the phone or the OS hogging the battery?

Oh, and just before I woke up I dreamt that I was in a men’s locker room, waiting for someone (a boyfriend? who the hell was I then?). I could see into where the men where and they were all in a various state of undress. The one I was waiting for was already dressed but was being confront by another man who was his brother. It looked like they were going to fight and one of the guys looked over at me and said that they had an audience. I got up and laughed and said that they can handle themselves without me. (What the hell kind of girlfriend am I?!) Then I left, intending on waiting in the lobby of wherever I was. And then the dream ended.

All the men were athletes (YAH!), so fit bodies. They were all well built and a couple of them had what I like to call “rugby” legs, meaning they were built from top to bottom. They looked mostly like rugby players and diverse but my “boyfriend” was some white boy with longish dirty blond curly hair aka NOT my usual type. I have no idea who any of the men were! It was so random and I felt out of characters myself!

And I’ll end on that! πŸ˜‰

[* replace word with “BITCH”]