will I long for these days

will I long for these days
much too warm
much too bright
when winter’s skies cry
will I remember now
will I wish for now
when the bones won’t warm
will I shake my head
will I feel regret

I am so ready for the chill of autumn. Even though I love summer things likes baseball I do not like overly warm weather. Why can’t I live in a place of more moderate weather, skewing on the cooler end?

Henry in Immortals
Henry Cavill in Immortals


  • I did not do that research regarding that yearly chore at work that might not need to be done anymore. Must do that! I would LOVE to find out that it’s no longer required. It would SO ROCK. πŸ˜‰
  • Tom Hardy isn’t on Twitter anymore. πŸ™ Well, he wasn’t yesterday at least. SAD! Why did he start and then stop. Was he getting weird tweets? Boooo!
  • I am still really excited about one of my friends having a cameo in a movie. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! I’d like to now put in my application to attend the premiere and the after party. Who do I see about that? LOL πŸ˜‰ But seriously, even if I don’t get to go, I will be so very stoked for my friend because I know that she will share the experience with us in jealousy inducing details. This is her task!
  • This might sound like some kind of blasphemy but I enjoy rugby so much more than football. Is that wrong? I know on some level that it is because I’m an American and a woman but how could I not love more a sport in which the players wear no pads and there are no commercials to interrupt play? RUGBY is glorious!
  • Speaking of rugby, a fellow stopped at my counter to drop off paperwork to personnel and we started talking about rugby! I started it, making note of his shirt that had New Zealand on it. He asked if I’ve ever been and I replied that I have not yet but I want to go so that I can watch rugby. It was ROCKIN’ chatting about All Blacks rugby (no real details) with someone who’s actually from New Zealand! Well, his family is, I suppose. He didn’t have an accent. But he did say he had family there (though many were now in Australia). It was just lovely, super lovely, talking about a place I want to visit. ::sigh:: Oh, and he had awesome tattoos. πŸ˜‰
  • It’s odd when Twitter suggests people I’ve met through family as “Who to Follow.” But hey, do I appear on other people’s “Who to Follow” suggestions? Now that would just be so weird!
  • I am not so oddly excited to see what dandy new thing Apple is going to announce on Tuesday. Even though I’ve wandered through other phones (the HTC One is quite tempting), I’m stuck with my iPhone for another year or so. But I do still enjoy it very much. And I feel as though I’ve invested a lot into it in terms of my entertainment.
  • I’m thinking about letting williamgregorylee.com expire. I have been utterly neglectful of the site and perhaps it’s time to let go. But there’s that other part of me that wants to hold on to it in case Greg wants it in the future for some reason and then I can just give it to him for his use. I’d ask him but haven’t been able to get in touch. I suppose I could try harder. I have a little time to think about it.
  • The one domain I gave up is now up for grabs again! I WANT IT BACK!!! I’m so TEMPTED. But then what would I do with it? Do I really need another domain? I have three at the moment. LOL