the bliss of laughter

the bliss of laughter
trickles from reluctant smiles
turned by the sunshine

This first game of the World Series is already killing me. UGH! The high points right now are the ads for Almost Human. I LOVE seeing Karl Urban. And I will love seeing him on my TV once a week. 😉


me looking thoughtful?

Things TV
Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – A good episode last night. Clark Gregg as Coulson is really what’s keeping me hooked. I LOVE the character and the obvious mystery of him. I don’t mind being strung along so far. But the revelation of Skye’s past seemed a little anti-climatic. Is that her big secret? Will Coulson really help her?

Blacklist – I am really digging this show so much! What the hell with Elizabeth’s husband? And WHO IS WATCHING THEIR HOUSE?!… Another great episode and a great guest turn by Robert Knepper! He was kinda creepy…

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