the craving for something more

poem #1
the lock of despair
blocks any thought to escape
from its steely grip

poem #2
why can’t this just stop
the craving for something more
that will never come

defiant dachshund

I’ve had more than a day to stew on the disappointing way the A’s ended their season. I’m mostly over it now. And I find that I am cheering for the Tigers to win the next series because I am not a Boston Red Sox fan. Seriously.

Baseball is now ST. LOUIS CARDINALS!!! I still have a chance to wear my Mulder jersey during the World Series. Please Cardinals, please win the NLCS so that I can wear my Mulder jersey during the World Series. PLEASE!

showing my Cardinals love

Last night’s extra innings game was a nailbiter! It ended with a Cardinals win but damn, it took so long! I love the fight in both teams. I hope that means it’ll be a great series. How many games will it go? Hmmm…

The kids go back to school on Monday. I’m a little sad because I LOVED the quiet of break. Oh, and the half Fridays and the Mondays that I took off. I loved the day off Mondays!

my Man of Steel...

I should make him a user icon for Livejournal. Hmmm. 😉