crush it with hard denial

poem #1
let me hear silence
the stillness of time frozen
just for this moment

poem #2
swallow your despair
crush it with hard denial
ignore all the signs

Karl Urban in Almost Human
Karl Urban & Minka Kelly in Almost Human


Almost Human – Even if Karl Urban wasn’t in this show and there wasn’t a character named Valerie, I’d still watch it. So that’s something, right? Anyhoo, last night’s episode, “Blood Brothers,” marks the first time that Karl’s character John Kennex says “Valerie.” WOOHOO!!! He said three times and I’ve got one of them as a soundbyte (“Valerie, listen to me…”). Yes, I’ll listen. LOL… Anyhoo, another fine episode! I am really liking this show A LOT and I will be very sad if it doesn’t get more than one season. So please, if you’re inclined, WATCH ALMOST HUMAN!!!

Sleepy Hollow – I love how this show pretty much freaks me out a little whenever I watch it. It’s like a weekly dose of Halloweenesque stories. Love it!… Not sure if I believe that Ichabod’s son is actually dead. The witches only said they stopped his heart. So does that mean it could be restarted? I just don’t buy that this was the end of Ichabod and Katrina’s son. But perhaps that’s just me…