how your heart beats just for me

tell me once again
how your heart beats just for me
even when apart

damn pretty = Henry Cavill

The mornings have been so cold! But oddly enough, I do not really mind it. I love the chilly weather as long as it’s not raining. The rain makes me gloomy. The cold mornings just make me shiver.

I stayed home Monday and Tuesday and went back to work today. It wasn’t so bad, thank goodness. But how weary I was towards the day’s end! I didn’t even do much yesterday yet today I felt as though the day was just dragging. ::sigh::

I really miss the frenetic writing of National Novel Writing Month. I’m on my second novel with the characters I used in the November but it’s super slow going. Why can’t I just write the way I did in November? Do I use up all my creative energy in that crazy month of writing? Why do I have two or three stories in my head and yet I can’t finish one of them unless it’s during November? So many questions and so few answers.

Trevor Guthrie RT’d me!!!

I’m easily delighted and I actually gave a fangirl squeak when I saw that Trevor Guthrie had RT’d me today. I am so easy about that stuff. LOL His song with Armin Van Buuren (“This is What It Feels Like”) has been nominated for a Grammy. How crazy cool would it be if they actually won? IT WOULD BE SO COOL.

And just because I want to spread some Karl Urban love:

Karl Urban in Almost Human
those lips have touched my cheek…