envision that moment

how can I not
envision that moment
not long from now
ringing with laughter
yearning fulfilled

Taylor Kitsch on The View
Kitsch on The View

So while the day was gray and rainy, my sickness settled upon me. Nothing too drastic, just achy with a stuffy nose and a fuzzy head. But my concentration has been utter crap and I can’t even rouse myself to watch the couple of Kitsch movies I haven’t seen yet. Oh well, maybe tomorrow? I should try to watch either him or Cavill. Maybe Man of Steel. Or The Tudors. Right now I’ve got the Ireland v Wales rugby match playing. Super tape delayed! I don’t know why they couldn’t air this live. Jeez.

Kitsch in Battleship

The sad thing about being sick is that I feel totally uninspired to write any of my stories. Alas!