this twist of the heart

this twist of the heart
your light has faded
the heavens cry
gentle tears that rain
oh the angry fire
will it subside
have the demons claimed you
or has peace embraced you
let this rain
wash away that fire
burning too hot
leave only the remnants
of a darkly light
a gift from the heavens
a reminder of life

Philip Seymour Hoffman has died.

It’s raining now, as if in response to his light leaving this world.

So I take this moment to mourn a man whose talent, whose very light, shone bright when he was in this world. He had his demons, apparently, and perhaps they were the reason for his untimely retreat from our world. But after all this anger, we have his legacy, his body of work. They are his gift to us, his flashes of brilliance.

Journey well into the next…