even as the tears fall

even as the tears fall
not even
regret can move
you to speak

Taylor Kitsch and a baby on Friday Night Lights

We’re still powering through the eps of Friday Night Lights. It’s a great show and I totally get why people LOVED it when it was on the air. And OH MY GOODNESS, Kitsch is amazing as Riggins. He can be such an ass but then he’ll do something so incredibly sweet and selfless that you just want to hug him! I told myself I wouldn’t do screencaps but when we got to the episode where he was holding the baby, I just had to snap a couple. SO DAMN CUTE!

I’ve recently realized that I’m one of those people who posts more pics than words on Twitter. I wasn’t like that before and I’m not sure if I should be sad about it. LOL I used to post more words than pics before and I wonder why I’ve changed. Hmmm.

prelude to Man Crush Monday: Cavill, Kitsch, Flood

My Man Crush Monday fellas, early! I’m not going to use the same picture but I will use the same fellas. Rarr. 😉

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