rapt with wonder this way

the hush of the night
a whisper so light
your kiss ever sweet
lifting me from the bleak
oh can’t we just stay
rapt with wonder this way

Crossing Lines – Richard Flood & Tom Wlaschiha

I know that these are good days because I went to bed to rugby and woke up in time to watch my Crusders live. I LOVE that we have Super Rugby on DirecTV. I’m not sure what I would do without it. Oh, I know, actually pay attention to baseball. 😉

Ah, baseball. April is my favorite month of the year and baseball was one of the reason for it. Now I feel as though I’m just not ready for the slower pace of the game. I feel a little odd when I yell at the tv because of a good play or a bad play. I guess I’ve been watching too much rugby or something. LOL

he totally reminds me of Jensen Ackles in this shot…

Finished my second viewing of the first season of Crossing Lines. I am a little bummed now. I’m afraid I might actually start watching it again. Maybe I need to switch gears and watch some Strike Back or something. Yeah, that could help. Or not. LOL Maybe I should just read something. Or write something. Even better! 😉