lush way you whisper

poem #1
such sweet bliss
under the moon’s glow
lost in the cool
lush way you whisper
in the darkness
vested to this purpose
a promise unspoken
nestled in this embrace

poem #2
to me
all truth
pride unbidden
every secret
nothing spared

Taylor Kitsch in Lone Survivor (edited in Waterlogue)

Gave in and bought an app called Waterlogue for my iPhone to make my pictures look like the above. I know, totally gimmicky but the results are pretty! 🙂

the Haka (edited in Waterlogue)

Fell asleep again last night/early this morning to my rugby. I wonder if I shouldn’t just take a nap BEFORE the match so that I actually stay up, eh? Matters not, the All Blacks won. WOOHOO! Part of me wants to say, OF COURSE they WON, but I don’t to be that kind of fan. 😉

Speaking of fans, I still think it’s sad and hilarious how some fans take public images, slap their own little watermark, and claim them as their own. You know those shots from official photo shoots or paparazzi? Those belong to everyone (if they’re posted as such) and it’s just rude and kinda pathetic to claim them as your own by conveniently cropping out, for example, JustJared’s mark. The site nicely shares the shots with everyone and unless you do something different with the shot (touch up, make super pretty), it’s just WRONG to merely crop the shot and then put your own little logo on it as if you took the picture. Oh, and then share it as a lesser quality shot because you don’t want anyone to “steal” the better quality shot. Terrible, just terrible!

(And I’m NOT talking about the awesome Henry Cavill fansites out there who share QUALITY shots and always credit the original creator. If you want examples of how to do it right and service your fellow fans, check out some of the better Cavill sites out there. YOU ALL ROCK.)

If I still ran a current fansite, I wouldn’t dare do what some of these other fansites do. One, I’d do my own screenshots. Two, if I found great shots of my fellas, yes, I’d post them to my site but I’d always point to the original. When I had my own fansites, I was always mindful of where I got my content.

Just saying. Not that anyone reads this but just in case. 😉


Happy Birthday to my Dad! 🙂

Happy Birthday to Sullivan Stapleton!