perfection deceives

poem #1
please me
have me
invite me
lose me
immerse me
praise me

poem #2
perfection deceives
honed by misconceptions
intentions have no sway
lost in premeditation
imbued by determination
purpose without heart

Philip Winchester on 24

Caught up on 24: Live Another Day this morning then did a bunch of screencaps of Philip Winchester. If I say it’s helping with my current story and well, he looks damn good in uniform, is that enough of a reason to be sort of suddenly caught up in him? No, probably not. But it’s all in good fun! He had more lines in the latest episode, so more of his American accent. I think he must use his English accent more because he pronounced “missiles” in a decidedly non-American fashion. I didn’t mind and maybe no one else noticed but apparently I kept my ears sharp whenever he spoke. LOL

So yes, this story I’m writing is seriously invading my head. I don’t think I’ve even been working on it a week and I’m at about 8400 words. Pretty good pace for me! I think it’s going to be a short story, which might be better for me anyway because maybe I’ll actually end it. And it could provide a nice segue into a different short story I started (which stemmed from the one short story I’ve actually let people read).

So WTH with Taylor Kitsch being the only major castmember NOT getting nominated for an Emmy for The Normal Heart? I feel quite snubbed for him! But perhaps if he actually gets cast for the second season of True Detective, I can forgive. Someone make it so! I would like more Kitsch please. I’d like to take the All You Can Kitsch challenge. Oh wait, I’m living it!

Sullivan Stapleton in Cut Snake

Sully can definitely pull a few different looks. I mostly want to say WTF with the above but it kinda excites me too. Something new! LOL Love when my fellas are working because it means more for us to watch!

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