Guardians of the Galaxy


Guardians of the Galaxy – GO SEE THIS MOVIE. It was was fun, adventuresome, touching, funny, and action packed. It’s probably the only movie I’m going to see in the theatre this summer and it’s totally worth it. James Gunn and his crew did a FANTASTIC job. (Quoting my quick FB post. LOL)

I was so excited to see this movie and NONE of my fellas is in it, so you know it’s serious. 😉 Part of it is that I’ve been following James Gunn online for many years and I’ve always dug his humor and irreverence. When he started GotG, he brought us along for the journey. I suppose all that vague behind the scenes action helped build up the movie for me. It wasn’t that he gave away any plot points but that he shared his crazy energy and enthusiasm with us throughout the whole thing. And the movie did not disappoint. It’s such a fun movie and everyone did a stellar job on it. Sometimes you just want to be ENTERTAINED when you watch a movie and GotG delivered. I love when a movie makes me laugh, makes me almost cry, takes me to the edge of my seat.

I hope this movie breaks some records and I’m glad that we were part of the opening weekend numbers.