so dare to believe

he swears he’s different
(but he’s not)
he swears he’ll change
(but he can’t)
he swears he’ll stay
(but he won’t)
he swears it’s love
(but it’s not)
he swears it’s forever
(but it can’t be)
he swears it won’t happen again
(but it will)
so dare to step away
(you know you must)
so dare to walk away
(you know you can)
so dare to say goodbye
(you know you’ll hurt)
so dare to believe
(you know you deserve better)

Sully, Strike Back

It rained all day today. It’s still raining now. Water, blessed water, falling endlessly from the skies above to the land below needing it so desperately. It seems like too much and maybe it is but the earth will drink it all in and hopefully feel replenished when the sun shines again.

Twas interesting reading twitter throughout the day, following the #BayAreaStorm tag. Even though I scoffed a bit at the school districts that actually closed (we did not), I suppose I can see why they did it, considering many places lost electricity and the like. But aren’t schools supposed to be safe? Aren’t schools one of the places that become shelters in times of emergency?

Just a thought.

couldn’t go out during lunch…