love with grace

Love with Grace

When I close my eyes
I see the smile on your face
And wonder
How could I walk away
From love with grace

When I dream at nightfall
I’m back in this place
Filled up with such yearning
Needing love with grace

I know I’ll find my way
To that time and space
Where I left my heart
In love with grace

When I open my eyes
To the morning’s crazy pace
I stop
Just for a moment
Waiting for love with grace

When I take a break from the day
I want to leave without a trace
Find my way back to you
My sweet love with grace

I know I’ll find my way
To that time and space
Where I left my heart
In love with grace

But will you take me back
In that time and space
Will you let me declare
My love with grace

I’ll find my way
To that time and space
Where I left my heart
In love with grace

Strike Back – Sully

I’ve been slacking on my Strike Back re-watching of US season one. I want to do my screencaps of that season and then I will have done all three US seasons! Of course, I’m the only one who’s been enjoying the screencaps besides the random ones I post publicly. Am I really selfish that way? LOL

The above poem belongs to the latest story I’m writing (not so coincidentally called Love with Grace). It’s really supposed to be a song (does it read like it could be a song?) but as I am not a musician, I can only do the lyrics part of it. I rarely name my poems but I did name this one because it is a song. 😉

My Listworthy Ed Quinn post has gotten some love this week. It was Ed’s birthday this week (the 26th) and as a little reminder, I re-posted the link and he consequently re-tweeted it and it also appeared on his Facebook page. I got a super sweet compliment about it and even though it’s two years old, it’s nice to know it still reads well enough. 🙂 Whew!

opened Spotify just to listen to Sam Hunt

I’ve been listening to Sam Hunt on repeat-shuffle. It’s borderline disturbing how much I’m listening to him but I’m all about embracing the crazy at the moment. Besides, it’s helping with the aforementioned story, Love with Grace. 😉 I keep mentioning Sam on twitter and now a bit more on Facebook. When I first started on twitter, I got follows from up and coming country artists. I followed back a few. And now I’m getting likes on instagram for the couple of Sam related pics I’ve posted… I keep hoping for one like or RT or even a reply from him on twitter but so far nothing. And I know I’m foolish for wanting that second of attention but I’ve been previously SPOILED by other folks on twitter, so this is a new feeling. I know I need to dial it down because heaven forbid I get blocked (yes, I’m still bitter about being blocked from that one twitter account). But I really do enjoy Sam Hunt’s music and I do think it’s that good. He’s a perfect blend of country, R&B, and pop for someone like me because even though he is a bit younger, I feel like I get what he’s doing with his music and I definitely appreciate it. He has the country comfort, the sexy R&B swagger, and the sassy pop in his sound and I LOVE IT. It’s just weird to start on a new artist right when he’s in the middle of his rise. I like catching them right before they hit it big. LOL I know, I’m weird.

Mr. Leonard Nimoy’s last tweet

I am still quite affected by Mr. Nimoy’s passing. His last words on twitter are almost a comfort. Did he know his last moments were upon him? Was this his last way of comfort for us?