TWITL – week thirty-two – ups and downs

the swell of music
filling the stadium
the lift of your voice
seeping through the soul
the harmony of voices
matching your words
the unmistakable energy
creating sweet memories
all of it worth
the heartbreak and wait
all of it worth
the unknown and joyful
I’d never take back
finally seeing you
I’d do it all again
to bask in such perfectionn

As the venue emptied, we enjoyed the view once more
we had such a great time last week!

So things were weird for me this week. I had to recover from my concert high (not sure if I’ve recovered yet). I reached out to my friends because I sensed they were giving me the silent treatment and found out that they think badly of me. My boss has taken a new job with a different district which means I’ll have a new boss to train in a month. Goodness me!

I loved telling people about the concert. It was just too awesome not to share. Most people listened with a smile and didn’t mind me telling them about what a great time we had. It’s a good story and good stories should be shared in this world of so many bad stories. I was so happy and so grateful for having such an amazing experience…

My friends think I’m a bad friend. I’ve done what I can to defend myself. It’s a definite bummer that it wasn’t kept between just the two of us and others had to choose sides. Because sides were chosen without giving me the benefit of the doubt. And I tell you what, it sucks…

I am so happy for my boss! He’s going to another district for a higher position and he so deserves it. He’s a fantastic boss and is great with the parents and students. I’m going to miss him because we get along so well and had a great working relationship. I know that he will be so awesome at his new gig. They are so lucky to get him!…

Tonight we see Tyler! I am so excited and glad that I will get to see some awesome people (besides Tyler). It should be a great time. Well, it’s always a great time when I see Tyler. 😀

such a great time!
last weekend was so awesome…