TWITL – week forty – long weekend

does he dream of her
the way she whispers his name
her smile just for him

Henry Cavill in Justice League

The new trailer is out for Justice League and FINALLY they’re showing Henry Cavill. It’s only a small bit but it’s enough to squeeze your heart. Plus goodness me, how handsome is he? ::swoons:: I’m excited to see the movie and I will definitely see it opening weekend. It shall happen.

NaNoWriMo prep – I “announced” my novel at the National Novel Writing Month website and for now the title of the novel shall be Falling Into Place. I’m glad I’m doing the prequel story because some of the secondary characters need a little work, especially the main female’s close friends. The male character might need more secondary characters to surround him. So far, he’s sounding a little jerky and conceited but no worries, he’ll get to the point where he’s a little insecure. Maybe. The female character is a bit more developed but I want to keep some details about her from the reader as she keeps the details from the male character. We shall see how this goes…

It’s Fall Break in these parts for the school kids and I’m taking advantage by taking some days off here and there. I’m in the middle of my long weekend— off Friday and Monday— but it’s for bereavement leave for the MIL.


FRIDAY – We had the memorial service in Castro Valley for the MIL then a small reception at our friends’ house in Livermore. It was lovely to see everyone who made it out. Coincidentally, it was also the sixth anniversary of the FIL’s death. So perhaps a little full circle? It was a nice day, weather-wise. Just a little warm but it cooled down as the day turned to evening.

The condolences that came our way (online and such) were very kind. Part of me was and still isn’t sure how to respond so all I can say is Thank You. Thank you to everyone who passed along their thoughts and prayers and condolences. It’s nice to know that our family and friends are thinking of us even if they didn’t know the MIL.

The pastor read the eulogy that the SIL wrote. None of us spoke. I don’t know what I would have said if I had been called to speak. Watching the photos of the MIL throughout her life was interesting and I wondered what her family and friends would have said about her if given the chance. Do they have wistful memories? Do they have great stories that we might not ever know? Will they remember her with fondness? Will she be missed?

When I first met her, I was a bit put-off by her brashness. She was outspoken and off the top, not caring how her words might have been taken. She was generous perhaps to a fault. She was unforgiving at turns and thrived on drama at times. She loved her children but did not have an easy relationship with either of them. She loved her grandchild. She loved her husband. She had loyal friends throughout her life but by the end, they had faded into memory. She loved to entertain and I will remember the holiday parties as good times.

It was difficult to see her at the end. Her illness had ravaged her and by the last time we saw her, she saw nor heard any of us, I think. She was already almost gone. Did she find peace in the end? I hope she did not suffer. I hope that as her body struggled for each breath, her mind was elsewhere, somewhere happy and comforting. I hope that those who went before her were there to meet her, to welcome her. I hope she never looked back after her last breath…