TWITL – week fifty-one – holiday edition

I hope everyone got the chance to spend time with their loved ones, eating, drinking, and making merry! The kids are on break out this way, which meant my favorite workday of the year was this past Friday– the staff breakfast at the high school then our quarterly luncheon at the office.

The Winter Break day of eating

I love all the food we had that day and it was nice seeing everyone in a more relaxed mood. It was the end of the semester and the beginning of Winter Break. The breakfast is always fun because the FFA puts it on for the staff and the kids are great. There’s also a raffle and I actually won! Crazy!… The luncheon was lovely as well. The food was so good! Seriously, I feel spoiled on that last day of before Winter Break…

Christmas Eve day we went to the San Francisco 49er game! It was the last home game of the season and we had a great time tailgating then checking out all the club areas in the stadium. We only sat in our seats for less than a quarter (the first quarter) but we had fun checking out the different spots in the stadium. Oh, and the Niners won! I’m really digging out new quarterback. When they sign him, I’m going to get his jersey. Ha! Oh, and while tailgating, GM John Lynch visited to say hello to the folks in the tailgating area. SO COOL!

Game Day, 12/24/17

We had a good time at the game and I’m glad it was a win for the Niners. The weather was dry but quite chilly. Loved it!

I woke up Christmas Day with a sore throat and a sniffling nose. Total bummer! We cleaned the house and ended up ordering from one of the local pizza places for dinner. (I know, why were they open on Christmas, eh?) We did watch A Christmas Story, one of my favorite Christmas movies.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi – My second viewing of the movie and I still really liked it. I get why people have a strong reaction to it but for me it hit all the right notes and I am invested enough in the characters to want to know what happens next…

Blindspot – So what the heck?! Weller did what?! I can’t wait to see how the latest revelation is resolved. Also, what is Roman’s long term plan? Is he actually falling for the gal? I hope he doesn’t do to her what he did to that Aussie guy. Yikes!

The Orville – I enjoyed this show! I’m glad it got another season. I wonder if they’ll keep the short season format. I don’t mind so much but I wouldn’t mind if it was longer. We shall see!