TWITL – week forty-three – almost #NaNoWriMo time & other musings


American Assassin – Finally got around to watching this movie and I liked it! The main actor, Dylan O’Brien, did a fantastic job of playing Mitch Rapp. I enjoyed the action and intrigue and thought it was all well done. I loved seeing Taylor Kitsch as the main villain. He was smart and crazy and always in control even if his intentions were nefarious.

Domain – William Gregory stars along with Britt Lower and Ryan Merriman in this movie so when I saw it was available to buy (I found it on Vudu), I had to get it… It was a fascinating movie with fantastic performances by all. Of course, I watched for Greg and he does a great job in it. The movie leaves you pondering a few things.

Greg Lee
Greg as Boston in Domain


National Novel Writing Month is next month aka in a few days (whenever this gets posted). I have been distracted by my new phone but I’m trying to jot down ideas here and there in my new Rocketbook Everlast notebook. My characters are mostly set but I’m still not sure about a few things, like specifically what the main male character does for a living. I’m also wondering if I have enough actual story to write 50,000 words. We shall see!


This probably goes under tech freak chick– I’m so digging the Rocketbook Everlast notebook (! I have all the sizes for the Everlast (the two personal ones are the letter sized and mini, the one at work is the executive sized). I love notebooks and one of the folks at work turned on our department to the Rocketbook notebook and so most of us in our department got one each. I think I was the only one to get the executive sized one but it’s great for my use. I had also ordered the mini to try out on my own (I received it before my work one).

my rocketbooks

The notebooks are reusable as long as you use a Frixion pen, which are erasable. (They’re so much nicer than the old school erasable pens that were just a mess.) You write in the notebook, then use the Rocketbook app on your phone to take a scan. The app can then send your notes as PDFs or jpgs to the cloud place of your choice. I have my work notes sent to OneNote, my writing notes to Google Drive. I also designated a destination to the hubby. When you’re finished with the pages, you take a cloth with a bit of water and wipe down the page, thereby erasing it. You wipe it dry and then you can write again.

It is so neat!

It’s not cheap but a reusable notebook will eventually pay for itself (perhaps?). The pens are also a bit pricey but they write well enough. If you love notebooks as much as I do (I love notebooks and blank books), this is definitely one to try. I love how it uses technology and I even thought how fun it would be to write letters on printed pages and scan to keep a copy. You know, for reasons.

hello from me

I am definitely going to use the letter sized Everlast to write for my novel next month. I usually handwrite portions of my novel during the day then transcribe at night. Now I can have the scans on my computer and even transcribe them on Google Drive (though the results are a little questionable).


I am still enjoying my iPhone XS very much. I still can’t bring myself to do a real battery test. I only went one day without charging my phone during the work day. I’d like to try it again but I haven’t. I am still very impressed by the speed as well as the smoothness of use. And I really love the camera.


library stairs

Yes, I’m still going to the library! The crazy thing is that “my spot” is always free and since I walk all the way to it, I can’t help but sit there and not anywhere else. I do want to try out different spots in the library but I do love the view from my seat.

this view

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