Trying out something new

One of my friends has started blogging again and she’s able to hide her posts from the front page. I’m going to give that a try with a new plugin. Not sure how it will work but it’s always groovy to try something new…

What do I want to write when it’s not a “public” post (even though this post is public, it’s just not going to show on the front page and I won’t push it to Twitter)? I suppose I could write about anything that I might not to share with the world at large but don’t mind sharing if folks happen upon it. I think I’ll have a special tag for this kind of posting. Ohhh, that would work, wouldn’t it? Let’s go with “Disconnected.”

I have a Google Doc where I write about my week. Just thoughts or streams of consciousness. Perhaps this “Disconnected” category can take from some of that. Hmmm.

For this test sort of post, I’m going to ramble on about National Novel Writing Month. I basically have three possible stories I can write and one of them definitely has well formed characters.

Real Love (working title) – This would be the sequel of sorts to the current story I’m writing. The characters are Ophelia and Greyson and they are in the very newish stage of their relationship. They don’t want to rush it but they definitely want it. They need to make sure his teenage son is cool with it and she has to deal with the random appearance of her ex. Chris Hemsworth plays Greyson.

Blind Date Prank (more the theme than the title) – The main characters don’t like each other but not sure quite why yet. He’s just put off by her cool and smart and prickly personality and decides that he doesn’t like her. She mirrors his attitude back to him, even though being so cool is a bit against her nature. When he and his friends find her on a dating app, they decided to set her up and have no one show while they watch from the distance. Simon Kassianides plays the fella.

A Good Boy’s Body (not the real title) – I am going to admit that this one is inspired by Chris Evans doing his little backflip into his pool. Where did all those tattoos come from?! The story is about a sort of good guy, handsome and smart, who’s a little dorky but definitely sweet and maybe just too much of a boy scout, at least on the outside. She is a cute in the right light lady librarian (?), maybe a little too nice, but definitely forgettable. They meet at a charity ball and she’s dressed to the nines and he’s besotted. I blame Chris Evans for this one.

So many choices, eh?

I’m going to hit post and see what happens. Wish me luck!

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